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Where should you send brand ambassadors to promote your startup?

When you are trying to build a business from the ground up, you might not have a lot of time to market your products and services. According to Natalie Cagle, marketing director at ICEdot and marketing consultant at Happy Place Marketing, one of the best ways to market a startup is through a brand ambassador program. Brand ambassadors can go to different events to spread the word about your startup and hand out free swag. Here are four events where you can send brand ambassadors to promote your startup:

Trade shows
Trade shows are considered one of the most valued and effective marketing opportunities in the U.S., according to Statista. If you send your brand ambassadors to these events, they will come face-to-face with potential customers and can increase your brand awareness. Have a couple of your brand ambassadors set up a booth at a trade show to hand out promotional products to people who walk by. Since there are likely many other booths at a trade show, your brand ambassadors should do something to get everyone’s attention. For example, instruct them to conduct a demonstration to show attendees how your products work and give away promotional items, like coffee mugs and t-shirts, at the end.

“One of the best ways to market a startup is through a brand ambassador program.”

Athletic events
Athletic events, such as cycling circuits and marathons, often attract a lot of spectators, so it’s a good idea to send your brand ambassadors to them. Have these individuals hand out promotional products that will be useful to the participants, such as branded water bottles and custom towels. If you print your logo on the front of these items, everyone at the event will find out about your company and wonder what it’s all about.

County fairs
County fairs aren’t just about Ferris wheels and cotton candy – they are also great places for your brand ambassadors to hand out free swag. Your marketers can walk around the fairgrounds and hand out promotional items like custom drawstring bags and branded pens. You can also have your brand ambassadors host a raffle to draw more people in and give the winner a bigger prize, like a branded jacket or smartphone case.

Outdoor concerts
The next time there is an outdoor concert in the area, have your brand ambassadors go there and hand out promotional items to all the attendees. Everyone will likely be in a great mood and excited to receive free swag. LED flashlights, promotional glow sticks and custom wristbands are great items to give away at an event like this.

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