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ByLeo Victor

Where to Put AirTags: Creative AirTag Uses

By WeStudio / Shutterstock.com

If you’re thinking about getting some custom AirTags as a business giveaway, then you might be wondering how much they will increase your company’s brand awareness. After all, you know that people can use AirTags to find lost car keys, but what about some more creative options for where to put AirTags? If you’re not sure how your recipients can make use of AirTags, here are six creative AirTag uses that every Apple user should know:

Keep tabs on bags and luggage.

Keeping track of purses, backpacks, luggage, and duffel bags is one of the most popular uses for AirTags. This is especially helpful for business travelers, who frequently travel with company property and other important objects they need to keep tabs on at all times. For safety, we recommend attaching an AirTag silicone luggage tag on the inside of your bag, ideally inside a zip pocket that you can close securely. That way the custom AirTag will remain in your bag even if it comes loose, and it makes it harder for other people to remove the AirTag.

Find your keys or wallet.

Keys and wallets are two small yet utterly essential items that frequently go missing, which is why using an custom AirTag to track them is an excellent idea. Keys are pretty simple to track: Simply put the AirTag in a custom leather case and then attach it to the keys. For the wallet, we recommend zipping the AirTag into the coin pocket so that it can’t accidentally slide out of the card holders. Your recipients will never have to waste precious minutes on a workday morning again while they scramble for their keys or wallet, and they will think of your company every time they grab these daily essentials.

dog sitting on wall

By Reshetnikov_art / Shutterstock.com

Track a runaway pet.

Losing your dog or cat is a nerve-wracking experience, and while microchips can help them be returned if someone else finds your pet, they’re not much help while the animals are still wandering free. Enter custom AirTag collars, which will allow your recipients to follow their location on your phone if your dog or cat wanders in range of another iPhone. And if you get the AirTag customized at iPromo, the detailed engraving can include your contact information in case their dog gets found by someone without an iPhone. Your recipients will never forget that your custom AirTag helped to bring their beloved Fluffy home safely.

Find a lost child or elderly loved one.

Look away for one second, and odds are good that a toddler will try to make a break for it. If your recipients have elderly parents or grandparents, they may also wander off without telling anyone where they are going, especially if they are experiencing dementia. Many older people also forget to take their phones with them when they wander, meaning that finding them via Family Sharing or Find My Location isn’t possible. If your giveaway recipients have family, outfitting the children or elderly loved ones with AirTag bracelets or AirTag shoes can help them pinpoint their location and bring them home faster.

Various bicycles on a rack

By Slatan / Shutterstock.com

Locate a bike or scooter.

You may have seen a news story — or read the original epic Twitter thread — about the New York City man who used AirTags to track down his stolen e-scooter last year. The key is to place the AirTag in a secure sticky mount in a hidden part of the scooter or bike, such as under the seat. (Some people even go the extra mile and use two AirTags in case would-be thieves find the first, more obvious one.) Your recipients will never forget that your custom AirTags helped them find their lost bike or scooter, building great goodwill for your company.

Pinpoint your parked car.

Finding a car in a large parking lot or multi-level garage is difficult, especially when it’s dark and you’re stuck in a big crowd after an event gets out. Leaving an AirTag in your glove box or console will help your recipients find their car in no time so that they don’t have to wander the garage. It also allows them to skip the hassle of dropping a pin in your maps app every single time you park your car (who can remember to do that, anyways?), making this a fantastic use for a custom AirTag giveaway.

We hope this gave you some inspiration for where your recipients can put their new custom AirTags. And if you’re looking for custom AirTag engraving for a corporate or group gift, reach out to the iPromo customer service team to get a quote or get started on a design proof.