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Why We Love Sending Free Promotional Product Samples

Short answer: giving away swag works just as well for us when building new or strengthening existing relationships. Why it works? Read on..

Who doesn’t love trying something before they buy? Free promotional product samples are a great way to allow our clients to test out our merchandise before committing to a large order. Almost all promotional products are sold in bulk, which can be a lot of pressure before knowing what the product is like in person. That’s why we love sending you free samples!

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What Are Promotional Items?

Before digging any deeper, it’s good to know what promotional items are. If you’ve ever been to a career fair, oftentimes each vendor has small items like keychains, and pens that have the company’s logo on the side in order to promote their booth.

These products are usually given out at fundraisers, trade shows, and other events because of their low cost. They can draw customers in while still informing people about your company. If your company has unique promotional item samples you are more likely to leave a positive impression on visitors.

It’s simple to create your own inexpensive merchandise to give away. Plus, they are extremely important to your business since they will help boost your brand recognition everywhere your products go. As long as you’re giving out free products, people are most likely to take it and that is free advertising at the end of the day.

Most Popular 2019 Promotional Products

Examples of Promotional Merchandise

iPromo has been serving customers for 20 years now and our goal has always been to provide creative promotional products that you’ll be able to bring to any event. Some popular examples of these custom branded items can include flash drives, PopSockets, custom socks, straws, and drinkware. There is always one-of-a-kind merchandise available on our website that will offer you a clean slate for fresh ideas. 

How to Pick the Most Effective Promotional Items

The best type of promotional items are ones that will be used regularly. It’s very important to know the audience that will be receiving your promotional giveaway to know which type of product will me most effective. Utility is key, the more someone is using a product with your logo on it, the more free publicity you’re getting out of it. Your customers will be more thankful for the practicality of your item rather than upset by the item’s impracticality.

It’s also smart to purchase promotional items that relate to your organization. If you run a tech company, a branded power bank will get heavily used as your customers and employees need their electronics charged all the time. Not sure of the best type of swag is right for your event or giveaway, our dedicated promo experts will hand select items to make your promotion creative and impactful.

Top 10 Promotional ITems For 2019

Why We Love Sending Free Promotional Product Samples

At iPromo, we love giving away free swag as much as we can. As mentioned before, it can be scary having to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars on merchandise you’ve never touched or used before.

Promotional Products & Ad Specialties

This ranges from apparel to drinkware, and everything in between. Just let us know how many items you need for your next project, and we’ll setup a sample program for you to see for yourself just how great our products are.

Free samples are a very important part of our business, and we know this. It’s much easier to commit to something that you know is great quality than an item you’ve never tried before. Also, seeing how your logo turns out on the product is imperative to how your business is being marketed. This makes the promotional item samples even more valuable. Contact us today to get started on your next project and see how great our products truly are.

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