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4 ways to make promotional products a success for your small business in 2018

It is more important than ever to have an effective marketing strategy for your business. There is a ton of competition out there, so your marketing tools must help your company stand out. One of the most powerful ways to build your brand’s identity and increase sales is through promotional products. Here are four ways to make promotional marketing a success for your small business:

1. Give away seasonal promotional products
If your business has a smaller budget, you might consider handing out promotional products on a seasonal basis. For example, your business can give away branded golf balls in the spring. This way, your company will not have to spend money on developing promotional items every season of the year.

“Consider the type of work your target customers do every day.”

2. Create products your target audience will use
When brainstorming different promotional products to create, consider the type of work your target customers do every day. FrogDog, a branding and marketing consultancy, recommends choosing a product your audience will use as often as possible. For example, if your target audience is college students, you could give away laptop bags or a coffee mug. Students will appreciate these items and likely use them all the time.

Another great resource to help you with selecting that next great impactful promotional product comes from our friends at Custom Logo Cases. They do a great job of showing in-depth details of why certain promotional products are successful.

3. Personalize promotional items
Not all promotional items need to have your company’s logo on them. According to Business Know-How, personalizing the item for a certain customer can be more beneficial. Show loyal customers how much you appreciate them by putting their names on promotional products. Whether you give these customers a water bottle or pen, they will be sure to use it and remember your brand while doing so.

4. Think in terms of the whole package
Depending on the event you have coming up, you may have more than one promotional product in mind that you’d like to give away. Don’t limit your yourself to one idea. Sometimes the most effective promotional material takes the form of an entire package of items. Why stick to offering a single USB flash drive when you could throw it in with branded stylus pens for tablets and smartphones? You could even include those golf balls we mentioned earlier into a whole apparel package with branded t-shirts and hats. This strategy increases the longevity if your promotional products and leaves a stronger impact on your target audience.

Promotional products can give your business a boost by increasing brand recognition. Take the time to develop items that your customers will use all the time.

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