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Menlo College Flash Drives

See how Menlo used flash drives to make their recruitment efforts more economical and with more impact.

“Silicon Valley’s Business School”, Menlo College has an aggressive approach to recruitment. They support one of the most influential powers in a prospective student’s college decision by providing guidance counselors with helpful distribution materials.

The Challenge:
The cost of managing, printing and sending paper materials to high school and community college counselors is expensive and cumbersome. Plus, it doesn’t immediately set them apart from all the other competing college’s paper materials.

The Solution:
Ordering 5000 flash drives helped get them an even better price point, making it a more sensible alternative to print materials. Menlo distributed the drives to targeted counselors throughout California, pre-loaded with a catalog of courses, videos of campus life, and an overview of academic statistics and tuition.

Any additional drives were given away to students attending college fairs and used to attract international students


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