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ByLeo Victor

Building an On-Demand Company Swag Store

Ever heard of a company swag store? Basically, it’s a store (usually a website) through which corporations can showcase branded merchandise that’s perfect for gifting, employee appreciation and more. Companies can also use their stores to provide branded merchandise that employees can redeem with credits.

There are numerous ways in which a company swag store can be used. One is to support marketing initiatives, another is to offer employees appreciation gifts for reaching benchmarks or for special achievements. Another is to provide employees with a place to procure items/accessories that they will need for work. Some businesses even sell externally to customers who are proud of, and wish to publicly support, the brand.

It might sound like a lot of work – but it’s not as much as you might think, and we can help both with launching the store and providing your business with branded corporate gifts.

On-Demand Company Swag Stores, Simplified

Traditionally, companies had to keep inventory and purchase minimum quantities from wholesalers or specialty shops to ensure they had what they needed in their company stores. Here at iPromo, we’re proud to provide a completely next generation solution for on-demand company stores: DemandX for on-demand, branded promotional products. This revolutionary, next-generation system is an absolute game-changer for corporate gifting and creating promotional products, and allows you to create an inventory, zero-waste swag store that still gives you unparalleled flexibility to create custom-branded, custom-sized, custom-colored corporate gifts. Not only are you free from the need to keep inventory, but you can start ordering at a minimum of one and our turnaround time is lightning fast. Contact us to see a quick demo, we’re excited to show how we can elevate your branded merch while reducing swag waste to virtually zero.

Benefits of Launching a Swag Store with Our Help

Thinking about launching a swag store through which you can show custom swag boxes and other employee appreciation gifts?

There are plenty of benefits to doing so, including but not limited to the following.

  1. An easy way to recognize employee achievements

Setting up a company swag store will give you the channel necessary to provide your organization with employee achievement gifts when the occasion arises. They can be a great way to keep team members and employees engaged, and there are so many great gifts you can offer. Plus, giving branded employee recognition gifts as opposed to unbranded gifts expands company recognition.

  1. Expand your assortment of employee achievement gifts

Running a company store is a great way to expand the offerings you can extend to your employees, beyond basic gift cards and gift boxes. With a little help from a partner like iPromo, you can extend your company’s branded, high-quality offerings to the top brands in clothing, water bottles, coffee mugs, outgear gear and golf equipment, office supplies, custom computer accessories, and so much more. If you can envision it as branded merchandise, we can help you customize the perfect gift.

  1. Free branding (and boost employee morale in the process!)

Branded employee appreciation gift ideas are better than conventional gifts. While they both show your employees that you care,  giving branded gifts for work anniversaries or through a recognition program will provide free branding. Anytime, anywhere the recipient uses the gifts, it’ll spread brand awareness and credibility.

  1. Easy ordering and site management

Building a company store through which you can celebrate your employees with unique gifts is much easier with our help, streamlining site management, ordering, customizations, and more. We even take the inventory aspect off of your plate, making it much easier for you to scale orders and operations. This alone can save you thousands of dollars off the upfront cost of launching a company store.

  1. Supporting environmental initiatives

Don’t just support company culture by giving swag boxes and other branded employee recognition gifts; support environmental initiatives! Through our partnership with Ecologi, 200 trees will be planted with every new Redemption Store account. Don’t just make your employees feel more appreciated – do your most to help the environment!

Getting Started with a Company Swag Store with iPromo

Thinking about getting started launching a company swag store? Don’t do it alone! With a little help from iPromo you can get your company store off the ground in a fraction of the time you’d need if you had to build a website and amass customized inventory on your own.

You can learn more about on-demand company swag stores here on our website, but if you still have questions, feel free to get in touch with us directly and we will help you out.