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5 Essential Types of PPE for Covid

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Personal protective equipment (PPE) is crucial for preventing the spread of SARS-CoV-2. PPE has always been a must-have for healthcare workers and others on the front lines. But offices and other workplaces are also considering how to outfit their employees with PPE to create a safe environment as workers begin to return to the office. In addition to our leading selection of rapid Covid test kits for sale, iPromo also stocks our iHealth PPE store with a variety of essential PPE for Covid. Below, we’ll talk about five of the most important types. 

These items are general suggestions for preventing transmission in your workplace. For the most up-to-date and specific guidance on PPE for Covid, make sure to check the latest information from the CDC and state health authorities.

1. KN95 Face Masks

When you need the best protection from airborne Covid transmission, KN95 face masks will help everyone breathe easy. iPromo offers competitive bulk pricing on masks made to the KN95 standard, a Chinese standard that’s functionally identical to the US N95 standard.

Be aware that it’s important to buy your KN95 masks from a reputable company. Masks in bulk that claim to meet the KN95 standard may be counterfeit if you’re buying them from a no-name e-commerce seller. iPromo makes it easy to shop with confidence because we provide laboratory test results for every KN95 model that we sell — just look in the product description for a link!

2. Face Shields

Face shields are another PPE option for businesses to help keep their employees safe. When worn with a face mask underneath, face shields help protect people from airborne particles that can spread the coronavirus. These are a common choice for workers in customer-facing roles who might have dozens of close face-to-face interactions every day. We offer face shields in numerous styles, including standard plastic face shields and face shields with flip-up visors. For something fun and different that kids will love, we even have face shields with animal designs like dogs, frogs, sharks, monkeys and much more! 

3. Disposable Face Masks

Disposable face masks are a daily essential in many workplaces. They offer an easy way to make sure everyone in your workspace is masked up, including visitors who might not have come prepared with a face covering. It’s an easy way to help improve compliance with mask rules and protect everyone from coronavirus transmission. Our 3-ply blue face masks are among our most popular iHealth PPE items, thanks to their affordable pricing and easy to adjust design for comfort on a variety of face shapes. For schools and daycares, we even offer kid-sized masks

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4. Cloth Face Masks

Cloth masks are an excellent choice for daily wear in lower exposure environments like offices. These masks are available in many different styles and are comfortable enough to wear for an extended period. While they’re not a substitute for N95 masks, double-layered cloth masks offer stylish and affordable everyday protection. 

Customizable cloth masks are one of iPromo’s most popular corporate gifts in the pandemic era. We have a great selection of double layer masks that are easy to imprint with your logo. It’s a snap to outfit your office with cool custom masks, and it’s free promotion for your brand any time they get worn! 

5. Disposable Caps and Gowns

Most people won’t need to go as far as wearing disposable plastic garments on the job, but it’s a different story for workers at testing sites and other front line healthcare professionals. Plastic isolation gowns, bouffant-style head caps and even disposable shoe covers are a must for many of these workers to safely do their jobs. 

iPromo has a full selection of disposable plastic PPE garments, including FDA registered isolation gowns from Level 1 through Level 4. We’re proud to be a PPE supplier to numerous businesses and institutions, including large hospitals and government agencies, and full lab testing reports are available for all PPE models. 

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As the world keeps navigating the twists and turns of the pandemic, we’re right here to be your most reliable source of preventative healthcare products to fight Covid infection. iPromo offers competitive bulk prices on essential protective PPE for Covid, so get started by browsing our full selection of iHealth Covid-19 PPE

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