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6 Creative Ways to Improve Your Branding with Promotional Products

Effective marketing is crucial towards the success of any business endeavor, regardless of industry. Finding ways to get the word out about your product or service and being able to clearly communicate the value that your business adds to customers is the difference between success and failure for many companies. Market research, strategy, and time are all crucial components to a successful marketing endeavor. That being said, creativity is what can really set your company apart from others. Using a creative approach to marketing your business means thinking outside of the box and not being afraid to try new things.

Promotional products are one of the most tried and true forms of marketing. The traditional way to use promotional products is to promote your company by printing your company name or logo on a product and distributing the product to your customers and potential clients. However, there are some additional creative ways to market your business with promotional products that should definitely be on your radar. Let’s take a look at six of them below.

Promote your Social Media Accounts

Social media has changed the way that businesses market themselves online. Using social media to grow your online presence and create intriguing content has become increasingly common over the past decade. The data, analytics, and customization that social media provides makes it a no-brainer for any business. Also, you really have a great opportunity showcase your brand’s personality and uniqueness via social media. Using promotional products to promote your social media accounts makes a lot of sense, particularly because social media is here to stay. You can include your social media handles on promotional products to help grow your accounts. Creating unique hashtags and including them on promotional products is another creative way to generate hype for your company and get your customers involved.

Include Business Website URLs and Customer Service Info

Your business website should be a one stop shop where customers can learn anything they would ever want to know about what your company does. It’s a great marketing tool that can be used to grow your sales and convey the value that your business adds to any potential clients. Therefore, it makes sense to use promotional products to send people to your website. By including your website URL and Customer Service Info on your promotional product, you are sending people to one of your most powerful marketing tools. Customers will be able to find all of the information they need via your website.

Inform People About your Apps

If you have invested the time and money into creating an application for your business, why not spread the word about it by using promotional products? Having an application is a huge advantage in today’s tech-driven business environment. It makes a lot of sense to include information about your app on your promotional products. You can also use promotional products to increase the users for your application by incentivizing them to use the app. Offering a promo or discount for using the application via a promotional product is a fantastic idea.

Provide Coupons

Another great way to creatively market your business with promotional products is to provide coupons and ways to receive discounts on promotional products. You can literally print a coupon code on the physical promotional products. Use a limited time coupon to increase the urgency for customer to take action. At the bare minimum, this strategy will encourage customers to check out your website.

Use QR Codes

QR Codes are two-dimensional barcodes that are scanned via smartphones and other digital devices. They make it easy for people to access additional content and information in a matter of seconds. Including QR codes on your promotional products is a great way to lead customers to specific content and deals. You can print a QR code directly on a promotional product and use it to drive consumers towards content like coupon codes, videos, playlists, written content, and more.

Custom USB Business Cards

Flash drives are always a great choice for promotional marketing campaigns. Pretty much anyone can make use of an extra USB flash drive. Customizable USB flash drives come in all shapes and sizes, but perhaps the most intriguing version is the USB Credit Card. This promotional product offers a large imprint area to promote your business and comes in an easily transportable size. It’s like a business card that promotes your company while also offering a useful technology storage solution.

As you can see, promotional products offer a huge variety of ways to creatively market your business or brand. Choosing any of the above options is a clever way to draw new customers to your business and increase awareness about your brand. Contact Ipromo today to start discussing how we can create the perfect promotional product for your business goals.

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