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Your Brand Is Much More Than A Logo

Often we hear the term Logo and Brand used interchangeably. Our own industry’s language is a prime example – Branded Items, Logo Items – we respond to either the same way. When conducting transactions for logo items, this is a matter of convenience. It makes our conversations go faster and interactions easier. But, the truth is, while your logo is an important representation of of your brand, your brand goes way beyond the logo.

A while back we wrote a piece about small businesses and the fact that customers know and experience their Brand only when they interact with them. The SME’s don’t have the resources for “creating a brand” with advertising. The customer experience is the brand.

This is also true with the brands that try to cultivate their image through advertising. If the customer experience does not correlate to the advertised image, the “brand” follows the experience not the ads. People talk and share now more than ever so the experience is more impactful than the ads.

For this reason, when we guide our clients on promotional product marketing, we try to look at more than just the item itself. We really want the experience of receiving the item to be memorable and positively worthy of being talked about long after the product is received. So, as you look at your promotional product marketing, think of it less as advertising and more as a customer experience. Items like Custom Water Bottles, Custom Caps, Custom PopSockets or Tote Bags are all very useful items that your client will thank you for and will hold on for years to come.

Plan how you will present the item. It may be simple certainly, but if you can enhance the experience with a more appreciative message, if you can, acknowledge the customer’s time with you, or the primary line of business they are in. This sounds so basic and simple, but in an age where people are treated like commodities, being remembered in a unique way is memorable and much appreciated. The promotional item serves as a reminder of that thoughtfulness.

Don’t overlook the packaging of the item. Nicely presented gifts are remembered and talked about later. From a nice box, decorative wrapping or unique card, think about ways to make the presentation as memorable and unique as the gift itself.

While there are many popular promotional items, another way to align the gift giving to your brand is to look for the item that would more likely be associated to your industry, product or even company. Consider what positive connotations come up when people think about your company and look for gift items that align to them.

Promotional products are not just about putting logos on stuff. They are about creating an experience that people can closely associate with your company. Make the experience align with your Brand.

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