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Why Promotional Gifts and Social Media are the Perfect Match

Promotional Gifts and Social Media: The Perfect Match

Whether you’re looking for ways to motivate your employees, want to raise awareness about an upcoming tradeshow appearance, or simply wish to connect with your customers on a more immediate and consistent basis, posting announcements about your company’s promotional gifts on social media is a great way to get there.

Promotional Gifts and Social Media: The Perfect Match

You Can Alert Followers To Giveaways

According to an article in the New York Times, Americans brands spend over $20 billion every year on promotional gifts. But when you have so many great products to give away, how do you let your customers know about an upcoming contest, giveaway, or event with free company swag?

Start by posting an eye-catching and creative photo/infographic with clear, concise rules and dates regarding your giveaway on social media – and make sure you’ve cross-posted it on all the social media platforms you use.

Posting on social media about giveaways of clearly branded, logo-stamped promotional gifts doesn’t just help to keep your brand’s name in the minds of potential customers. It’s actually a form of guerilla marketing that also helps you discover the social media accounts of your market – meaning that you can learn more about your customers, what they like, and encourage them to directly interact with (and share posts about!) your brand online. 

Bonus Tip: Be sure you’ve created a unique and brief hashtag to encourage reposting and sharing – plus, you can scroll through your customer base like that!

Promotional Gifts Are Great Employee Incentives

Let’s face it: sometimes it can be hard to get your employees to read every email, and even harder to boost morale and performance.

If your business has been lagging, posting about promotional items on company social media accounts can let your employees know the kinds of awesome rewards they can win. 

Plus, you can even post up-to-the-minute statistics about who is currently in the lead to encourage a little friendly competition – guaranteed to boost productivity. 

Promotional Gifts Help To Build Your Brand

Smaller items like pens with your brand’s logo printed on them, hats in company colors, and the ever-popular water bottle are a form of low-cost advertising that also helps to build brand recognition. If you’re attending an upcoming trade show, be sure to mention that you’re handing out swag on social media!

Not only will this encourage people to drop by and learn more (and maybe listen to your pitch!) but it will also help you gain more social media followers. Since 80% of shoppers are likely to purchase from brands they interact with online, your social media follow count matters. 

Think about it: the people using these items see your brand’s name every day. Then, they take these items to school, to work, to the gym, even shopping. That’s a lot of potential eyes on your brand.

Even if those who see your gear out and about don’t buy your product that day, they’ll remember your company’s name when they need something you’re selling. 

OK, So Where Do I Order Them? 

Now that you know all the benefits, get in touch with us to order a variety of promotional gifts for your brand. Let’s grow your company’s social media accounts together: we provide the products, you post the pictures!

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