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Branded Under Armour Polos: The Perfect Corporate Gift

Finding the perfect corporate gift can be tricky. You want something that clients and partners actually want and that they will actually use. You want something that is affordable. And you want something that reflects your brand in a positive light.

Custom Under Armour Polos Decoration MethodsFor those 3 reasons and many others, branded Under Armour polos are the ideal choice for companies and brands searching for the perfect corporate gift. What makes custom Under Armour products such an attractive option? Consider these 10 benefits:

1. Customization is Key

You need corporate gifts that offer flexible customization options. When you choose branded Under Armour polos, you can take two different approaches to customization: 1) include a timeless corporate logo, or 2) include an event- or achievement-related logo that is specific to a certain time period.

Many opt for the latter option, giving out custom Under Armour products in gift bags at annual events. This is a great idea when you’re hosting events that include golf, as branded Under Armour polos are right at home on golf courses.

No matter how you choose to customize your polos, choose from a various locations to add your logo — right chest, left chest and, with some products, on either of the sleeves. When you choose branded Under Armour polos, you have the power to create the perfect product for your company.

2. Something More Than a T-Shirt

Some corporate gift givers may wonder: Why choose a polo over a T-shirt? After all, T-shirts are customizable, too, and they are available at lower price points.

Custom Under Armour Corporate PolosBut T-shirts don’t convey the gravitas that many companies need from a corporate gift. A T-shirt is something credit card companies give away when people fill out applications at malls and ballparks. A branded Under Armour polo is something that successful businesses gives their trusted clients and partners as representations of appreciation.

There’s also the longevity factor: Recipients are likely to keep a custom Under Armour product far longer than they would a T-shirt. For that reason, choosing branded Under Armour polos as corporate gifts means that you get more value for your investment.

3. People Love Performance

In recent years, performance polos have become all the rage, and Under Armour has been at the forefront of companies creating these performance products. More specifically, branded Under Armour polos are made from a polyester fabric that wicks away sweat and keeps the wearer cool and dry no matter where they are.

The performance aspect of custom Under Armour polos makes them versatile, too. The people on your gift list can feel just as comfortable wearing these polos to the office as they can to a conference or on the golf course. Again, this is a product that’s going to get heavy use over a longer period of time than other corporate gift options.

Custom Women's Under Armour Polos

4. Order in Small Batches

Some branded products require a minimum order. Unfortunately, most companies don’t need 1,000 customized portable chargers, 100 custom laptop bags or even 50 branded calendars. Their gift list is much shorter, including only the most valued clients and most trusted partners.

You can often find branded Under Armour polos available in batches of 20, and the best companies allow you to create custom Under Armour products in batches as small as 12. When you have a tight circle for gift giving and you want the perfect product to bear your logo, it’s hard to beat branded Under Armour polos.

Branded Under Armour Polos5. Scale for More Savings

Of course, the more branded Under Armour polos you order, the less you’ll pay per unit. That means small companies enjoy access to small batches of custom Under Armour products, while larger companies can opt for larger batches that require a smaller per-unit investment.

Also, if you want to create a timeless polo — one that includes your longstanding corporate logo, for example — you can order more polos than you need in the moment. You’ll then have those polos ready for use at corporate events or in other settings when you want to give a meaningful gift. If you create a timeless polo, you can order more than you need and use those additional shirts to help build strong business relationships in the future.

6. Options for Men and Women

Women can get frustrated when corporate gifts are male-oriented. And who could blame them? There’s nothing comfortable about a woman wearing clothing that’s designed for a man.

That’s not the case when you choose branded Under Armour polos as your corporate gift. You enjoy access to both men’s and women’s branded Under Armour polos, and each product is designed and cut to maximize comfort. No matter who’s receiving your branded Under Armour polos as gifts, you’ll find that recipients will love the fit and the way that branded Under Armour polos make them feel while at work or play.

Custom Under Armour Quarter Zips7. Consider Cold-Weather Products, Too

Maybe polos aren’t appropriate for a certain time of year or specific location. For example, performance polos are perfect for summer in Arizona. But, if you’re giving gifts in wintertime in Minnesota, no one wants a polo that wicks away sweat, dries fast and keeps the wearer cool.

In these cases, consider other Under Armour products — like Qualifier Zip outerwear. These Zips look professional while remaining versatile. That is, they can be worn for both business and recreation. They fit easily over a dress shirt, and they can also be customized to display your logo and help build your brand.

Yes, branded Under Armour polos are a great choice when you need a corporate gift — in most cases. In case where polos simply aren’t appropriate, consider a close alternative that delivers many of the same benefits — like Qualifier Zip outerwear does.

8. Short Turnaround Times

Let’s be honest: Corporate gifts are often forgotten until moments when an event or a special occasion is bearing down and your company needs them ASAP. While some branded products require long lead times and significant proofs and reviews, branded Under Armour polos offer short turnaround times that fit your schedule.

You can find providers that offer custom Under Armour products in 10 business days, and the best providers can turnaround branded Under Armour polos in 7 business days or less. When you’re on a time schedule and you can’t risk your order not showing up in time, choose performance polos from Under Armour.

Ordering these polos makes your life easier, too. Holiday and event seasons can be incredibly stressful. The last thing you need is added stress related to corporate gift giving. Take the stress and anxiety out of the process when you choose branded Under Armour polos as your corporate gift.

Custom Under Armour Polos For Executives

9. Perfect for Sales Teams

Corporate gifts aren’t always for clients and strategic partners. Sometimes gifts are given internally to the team members with whom you work alongside each and every day. If your business thrives and succeeds due to the hard work of an outside salespeople, consider giving them the gift of branded Under Armour polos.

Both executives and outside sales teams love Under Armour polos for the same reasons others do. They are incredibly comfortable, and they provide unmatched versatility. Your team members can wear Under Armour polos at industry expos, client meetings, golf outings and in many other settings. They will look good and feel good wearing these shirts. In fact, these high-quality polos create a respected corporate uniform that everyone can be proud to wear.

10. Most Important: Build Your Brand

Never lose sight of why you give corporate gifts in the first place: to building your brand. When you choose branded Under Armour polos, you’re able to build your brand using an item that recipients actually want and that they will keep far longer than other gift options.

Custom Corporate Under armour PolosAny corporate gift requires an investment. Some companies make their investment haphazardly, buying products and giving them as gifts without thinking about the strategic impact. Custom Under Armour products are the ideal corporate gift because they make the powerful strategic impact that a corporate gift should make.

Plus, as an added bonus, recipients will appreciate your investment in a gift that they actually enjoy receiving. That makes a big difference when you’re operating in a relationship-intensive industry.

Where Can You Buy Custom Under Armour Products?

You can find no shortage of corporate gift companies when you browse online. Unfortunately, not all companies have the experience and commitment to customer service needed to meet your needs and exceed your expectations.

At iPromo, we offer both experience and service excellence. We’ve been connecting businesses with outstanding corporate gift options since 1999, and we strive to create outstanding customer experiences with each order. When you choose from our selection of custom Under Armour products, you enjoy a number of benefits, including:

    • Order What You Need: You can order our branded Under Armour polos in batches as small as 12, giving you the chance to give them as gifts to only your most trusted partners and valued clients.
    • Get Them Fast: Running out of time to choose a corporate gift? At iPromo, we can turnaround your order in 7 business days or less. Rush shipping is available if you need them even faster.
    • Enjoy Savings: If you want to order more polos, you unlock additional savings. We scale our pricing so that you get discounts as the size of your order grows.
    • Demand Quality: We offer corporate gifts that meet the highest quality standards, and that includes our branded Under Armour polos. Demand quality in your corporate gift giving and put your brand in a positive light when you choose branded Under Armour polos from iPromo.

When you’re ready to make the most of your next corporate gift, we’re ready to help.

Check out our selection of custom Under Armour products, and discover your perfect corporate gift.

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