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Client Story – The Anamanaguchi Rainbow Flash Drive

Though not an entirely new concept, crowd-sourcing has become more prevalent since websites like Kickstarter have appeared in the virtual space. Finding “backers” to your creative idea has become a savvy solution to those looking to fund projects that they could otherwise not afford. Our next customer story is about a chiptune/electronic band seeking help with promoting their new album. Anamanaguchi wanted to go to market with their album “Endless Fantasy” without the creative restraints of a big label. They became the 2nd most-successful music project to be funded on Kickstarter, and raised $277,399 from 7,253 backers – $227,399 over their goal!

In exchange for backing the project, “project creators offer rewards to thank backers for their support.” That’s where iPromo came into play. Anamanaguchi rewarded backers that pledged $20 or more a customized jump drive with files of the Endless Fantasy album, music videos, and other audio files from previous albums:

 Anamanaguchi Rainbow Flash Drive

We created a custom irridescent casing made from anodized titanium coating to create this stunning rainbow effect:

 Anamanaguchi Rainbow Flash Drive

Anamanaguchi received 2457 backers for this $20 pledge, and their Kickstarter project became a huge success overall. The fun, and unique nature of this custom flash drive represents everything that Anamanaguchi stands for, and we are excited to be a part of their success.

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