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S’well Water Bottles – Custom Corporate Gifts That Give Back

9 reasons your CMO will thank you for this co-branding investment (and it’s not the new S’well Harry Potter line)

What’s so amazing about custom S’well bottles? Not only are they in-demand by your target audience, but they also deliver a range of benefits that simply aren’t available with most promotional and giveaway items. There should always be a strategy behind promotions and giveaways, and branded S’well bottles are the types of products that help your strategy become successful.

Read on to see a full list of reasons why custom S’well bottles are perfect for corporate promotions and giveaways.

Custom Swell Bottles1. Leverage a Strong Brand

It’s hard for brands to break through and become the preeminent option within their niche. But that’s exactly what S’well has accomplished in the water bottle space.

Owning and using a custom S’well bottle is a status symbol. Consumers in store aisles will pass by suitable options and pay more for custom S’well bottles simply because of the brand and what it stands for.

Investing in promotional products like S’well offers a solution to a bigger problem and raises awareness. S’well has a mission to rid the world of plastic bottles and focuses on social good. They partner with UNICEF, Red Cross, American Forests and other charities to make our planet a better place for all. S’well creates beautiful eco-friendly bottles that are high quality and replace wasteful throw away plastic bottles.

This is ideal for corporate giveaways and promotions because your company needs items that will reflect well on its brand. Giving away low-quality items creates the perception that your company offers low-quality products and services — whether or not that is the truth.

In the same light, giving away high-quality, desirable items like custom S’well water bottles creates the perception that your company offers high-quality, in-demand products and services.


Custom S'well Bottles Are Eco-Friendly

2. Promote Wellness

Most people need to drink a lot more water than they currently do. It’s always smart for companies to promote wellness, both among their prospective customers and clients as well as among their own team members. Choosing branded S’well bottles for promotions and giveaways promotes wellness by inspiring recipients to drink more water.

Drinking water is such an easy thing to overlook. Sure, there are water fountains in most public spaces, and there are water coolers in most workplace break rooms. But nothing beats having a large, stylish water bottle with you at all times.

Custom S'well RoamerWhen you choose to give custom S’Well bottles to potential customers and current team members, you’re helping them take a small step toward drinking more water — and toward living a healthier lifestyle.

3. Enjoy Practicality

It’s fun to giveaway quirky, off-the-wall items as part of promotions. But there’s something to be said for giving away practical items, too — items like branded S’well bottles.

There is a range of benefits that emerge from giving away custom S’well water bottles and other practical items. First, it’s likely that your recipients will use these items on a regular basis — even daily in some cases. And, second, it’s likely that your recipients will keep practical items far longer than they will more off-beat promotional items.

And that’s the point of any promotion or giveaway, right? When you give items like personalized S’well bottles, your recipients use them regularly and keep them for the long-term — which means your branding is front and center on a regular basis.Branded Swell Water Bottles4. Choose Colors, Materials, Sizes and More

It’s always nice to have options, too, when you’re searching for the ideal promotional or giveaway items. When you choose to shop custom S’well bottles in bulk, you enjoy a range of options that includes:

  • Various colors, materials and finishes
  • Different sizes
  • Travel mugs, water bottles and tumblers

Perhaps the most popular items are 17-ounce custom S’well water bottles that are vacuum insulated. S’well bottles keep liquids cold for up to 24 hours and liquids hot for up to 12 hours. They are BPA-free and highly reusable, and they are also made from high-grade stainless steel that promotes quality. These branded S’well bottles are condensation-free, too, which means no sweat to leave puddles on desks or in car cup holders.

Did we mention color options? Choose from almost a dozen different shades, including:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Moonstone
  • Hunting Green
  • Teakwood
  • Blue Suede
  • Rowboat Red
  • Smokey Quartz
  • Onyx
  • Sparkling Champagne
  • Angel Food
  • London Chimney
  • Silver Lining

Given these many color and finish options, you’re sure to find something that appropriately complements your brand and that helps your promotion or giveaway reach its full potential.

Custom S'well Bottles Color Options

5. Get Value

There are plenty of times when you need to go big with your promotions and giveaways. When you need to go big, you should look for tablets or other high-end items for a campaign. But these items are expensive to procure, and they don’t always deliver the value you need from a promotion or giveaway.

When you buy custom S’well bottles in bulk, you’re able to get a lot more volume and a lot more value out of your promotion or giveaway. You can pay as little as $19 or lower per unit when you choose branded S’well bottles from iPromo. This allows you to expand campaigns to include more winners, whether you’re trying to engage prospective customers or an in-house audience.

Considering the high quality of custom S’well water bottles, your recipients get value, too. Custom S’well bottles are designed for use in harsh daily environments, which means that they should last for years. That means years of your branding in the hand of a target audience, which enhances the long-term value of your promotional or giveaway campaign.

6. Customize How You Want

Personalized S’well bottles are ready and waiting for your branding. You can choose to add your logo, or you can commemorate an anniversary or event. No matter how you choose to customize your S’well bottles, you’ll find that you have an ideal backdrop for your artwork.

This is where the color and finish option come into play. Some corporate logos and colors don’t show up well on certain promotional and giveaway items. But, when you choose custom S’well bottles, you can choose from any number of colors or finishes, virtually ensuring that you can find a color scheme that nicely complements your artwork.

Custom Swell Bottles Imprint Options

7. Order Small Batches

One of the challenges with some promotional and giveaway items is managing minimum order quantities. But, when you choose custom S’well bottles for your campaign, you can often order in quantities of 50 or less.

In fact, when you choose iPromo as your provider of custom S’well water bottles, you can order in quantities as small as 48. If you order in larger quantities, you do enjoy a price break. But, that said, the ability to order in smaller quantities means that personalized S’well bottles are available to companies large and small that are running promotions and giveaways of all sizes.

Custom S'well 16 oz Tumbler8. Give Any Time

As mentioned above, branded S’well bottles are just as durable as they are stylish. For that reason, you can order a larger quantity and plan to store unused S’well bottles for future use. After all, there’s no shelf life to worry about — these personalized S’well bottles will be just as useful next year and the year after that.

This is particularly helpful when you’re using a timeless corporate logo as your artwork. You can order a larger quantity of branded S’well bottles and you can plan to store them and give them away over time as needed.

9. Ensure Quality

It’s worth mentioning again: The quality of your promotional and giveaway items will serve as a reflection of the quality of your products and services. This is a key point that executives sometimes miss as they focused on price alone.

When you choose custom S’well bottles, you’re ensuring the quality of your promotional and giveaway items, and you’re creating the perception that your products and services meet the highest quality standards, too. This is a huge part of making sure a promotion or giveaway achieves its main objective — you want to create the minds of your target audience the sense that your company represents quality.

It’s easy to get caught up in managing budgets and considering off-brand water bottles and tumblers. But what you may save in upfront expense you will sacrifice in long-term quality. Choose branded S’well bottles and ensure that your company is aligned with a high-quality product.

Find Custom S’well Water Bottles at iPromo

Where will you turn when you need custom S’well bottles for your next promotion or giveaway? At iPromo, we specialize in connecting companies large and small with items that can help their campaigns reach their full potential. That includes a wide range of personalized S’well bottles.

Custom S'well Travel TumblerWhen you choose iPromo for custom S’well water bottles and other S’well products, you can count on:

  • Options that you want
  • Prices that deliver value
  • Quality that can’t be beat

And don’t forget that you can order in quantities as small as 48. When you’re considering your many promotion and giveaway options, remember that choosing iPromo for branded S’well bottles means that you get quality and value, as well as products that your target audience will desperately want to get their hands on.

What are you waiting for? There is a range of S’well bottles to choose from in our selection.


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