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Why Custom Umbrellas are Underrated Corporate Gifts

Promotional umbrellas with your logo are an inexpensive lifesaver at any golf or outdoor event

Ever thought about promotional umbrellas as a gift? Of course you have. Chances are that’s why you’re here. As with most people, I am sure you have plenty of questions about them, especially the benefits over other products.

Promotional Umbrellas Are Kept Over 14 MonthsOverall, custom umbrellas are underrated promotional gifts and are kept forever. People overlook them as they don’t think they are used as much as other promotional products. While this may be true in some circumstances, I will talk later about how they are used more than you think.

There are many marketing advantages to customized umbrellas that you may not be aware of. Some of these include durability, lasting power, and the ability to utilize a large and diverse printing area. Since they are an underrated and often underutilized promotional item, you will also be out in front of your competition by given them away.

Let’s take a look at why using personalized umbrellas are a great marketing idea for any business.

Custom Promotional Umbrellas

Why Promotional Umbrellas?

You already know that promotional items make great gifts, but why umbrellas specifically?

Well first of all, umbrellas are kept forever. Even though they are not used every day, everyone keeps them in case they are needed. This means that even if they are not used immediately, they will always be pulled out of the closet eventually.

Items such as promotional umbrellas help you get more impressions down the road, instead of just immediate impressions when someone first receives the gift. It is like a commercial that pops up every time its opened (pun intended).

Promotional Umbrellas Have a 1 cent Cost Per ImpressionUmbrellas are useful to people. Everyone can use one as opposed to certain promotional items such as customized golf balls or flying discs which are meant for a specific audience. Not everyone plays golf, but everyone will need an umbrella at some point in their life.

In addition to being kept forever, umbrellas also last forever. Apparel will wear out over time with normal wear and tear as well as washing. Other items will also lose their appeal through wear and tear. Umbrellas are built to withstand harsh elements like rain and sun, so you know they are durable and last a long time.

With that in mind, don’t forget that umbrellas can be used for more than just the rain. In warmer climates, they can shield you from the sun. As such, don’t be hesitant to give them away if you live in the southern portion of the United States. It could be the perfect item for someone who lives in areas where the temperature reaches 90 degrees or more.

Finally, many people don’t currently have an umbrella. As it is not an item used on a daily basis, people often forget them until they need them. Giving them as a gift will not only fill a need, but they will remember you when the time finally comes that they need it.

So how can you customize a promotional umbrella?

How to Customize Umbrellas

Promotional Umbrellas with Custom Logos

One way to increase your presence is using personalized umbrellas with your custom logo. Logos are a branding tool and remind people of your brand each and every time they see it.

Have you ever played the game “Name That Logo?”

Promotional Umbrellas Generate Over 1,100 ImpressionsPeople identify certain products with logos. What happens when you see the McDonald’s arches? Most people get hungry. Same rule applies with other logos. It reminds people of a brand and their products and can lead to more sales for your company.

It takes five to seven brand impressions for someone to remember you. So, the more you put your logo in front of someone, the more likely you are to make a lasting impression. But also remember that first impressions are just as important and having that impression on an umbrella can do both.

According to Malcolm Galdwell, first impressions are also likely to spark buying decisions, as are images that spark the memory of your brand.

“Buyers make most decisions by relying on their two-second first impressions based on stored memories, images and feelings,” says Galdwell.

Whatever you sell, you want people to remember you when they see your logo. You want them to identify a specific product with your business and putting your logo in front of them is one of the ways to do it.

The more impressions you have with them, the more likely you are to trigger the memory of your brand next time they see the logo.

Stand Out With Promotional Umbrellas

Printing Surfaces:

Now that you know the various types of promotional umbrellas, let’s take a look at how you can maximize the printing surface.

No matter what you decide to put on an umbrella, remember that you have one of the largest surfaces of any promotional products to work with. Most umbrellas range between 36 and 60 inches. That means you have three to five feet of printing surface as opposed to a hat, mug, or ink pen. Some umbrellas even come in larger sizes.

Customized promotional umbrellas are basically a walking billboard for your brand based on their size alone.

TIP – Many workplaces do not have a community umbrella. Hand these out to your local businesses to use for employees who go outside to smoke or walk to their cars when they forget their own umbrella.

You have multiple printing surfaces on umbrellas. You can choose to have your message on a single panel or on multiple panels. The more surface you utilize, the more impressions you are likely to receive.

The surface also allows for multiple images. For instance, you can have your main logo on some of the panels and a secondary logo (or company name) on the other panels.

The size and contour of promotional umbrellas gives you unlimited options when it comes to promoting your brand.

Types of Promotional Umbrellas

As already noted, umbrellas can come in many different sizes. However, there are also several different styles and features to choose from.

  • Custom Golf Umbrellas – Umbrellas for golfing are very common and much appreciated by avid golfers. Not only do they protect from the rain, but also on days when the sun is beating down. Yes, golfers are fanatics and golf in the rain, so weather don’t deter them. Wouldn’t it be nice if they saw your brand during a four-hour round of golf? And don’t let the name fool you, golf umbrellas are used at other sporting events such as football and soccer.
  • Automatic Opening – Many customized umbrellas have an automatic opening mechanism. This means they open at the push of a button instead of manually, making it easier for them to be used. Simply push the button and you are protected from the outdoor elements.
  • Promotional Inversion UmbrellasInversion Umbrellas – As the name suggests, inversion umbrellas close the opposite way you are used to. This allows you to stay dry when closing. Since you are closing it away from your body, the water runs off without getting you wet. Another benefit is that you can use the interior of the umbrellas as another impression area.
  • Windproof Umbrellas – Yes there is such a thing. You always see people’s umbrellas getting blown in the wind which could potentially damage them beyond use. We do have personalized umbrellas with a windproof design made of vented canopies to allow the wind to pass through and not take the umbrella with it.
  • Telescopic Umbrellas – Telescopic umbrellas allow you to easily adjust the height for any person. They are great for use by multiple people.

Did I mention the color options? In addition to various shades of the rainbow (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, black, white, etc.), there are multi-color options available. And yes, there are even clear umbrellas that we can customize with your brand message.

Summing it Up:

Now that you know everything there is about promotional umbrellas, you can see that they are underrated promotional gifts that are kept forever. You can utilize many different combinations due to their size and shape in order to get your brand out in front of people. You can also choose from many color options that match your brand.

People Keep Quality Umbrellas LongerWhile umbrellas last longer as they are durable and not used every day, remember that people use them for more than just the rain. So, while you think of an item sitting in a closet, you will be surprised at just how much use they get. Their durability will also keep them around for a long time which means more impressions and more branding power.

Finally, keep in mind that since other companies are likely passing at the opportunity to give such an underutilized item, you will corner the market as opposed to be another custom pen or mug sitting on someone’s desk. You will be using a marketing tactic that many others are not.

If you are unsure of the best layout or size to use, let a promotions specialist from iPromo help you out. We will use our creative process to tailor a promotional umbrella that is sure to get you the maximum number of impressions.

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