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Giveaways for Kids: Promotional Items That Are Fun & Safe

Best premium, youth-centric promotional products from preschool to teens of all ages.

Why It Matters

When trying to create a positive impression, you want to show your potential clients that your company cares about them.

What better way to do so than with branded logo giveaways with the whole family in mind? After all, happy children equals happy parents, and any type of caregiver is bound to appreciate the type of custom giveaway items that keep everybody having fun. These one-of-a-kind kids promotional items for children of all ages will help ensure that you leave a positive impression on everybody, young and old.

Keep in mind that children are always on the go, and when you invest in promotional items for kids, wherever they go, your logo will too. This means tons that regardless of whether or not your business is of a kid-specific industry, kids promotional products are still a fantastic way to generate tons of low-cost exposure for your brand.

After all, even if the recipients don’t have kids, chances are that they know somebody who does, and the 2019 Global Ad Impressions Study that 55% of people will give away a promotional item they don’t use. Talk about an effective way to expand your potential client pool!

So what are some fun ideas for safe promotional products for kids of all ages? Read on to find out!

Promotional Items for Kids of All Ages

Toddler-Safe Preschool Promotional Items

These toddler-friendly giveaways for kids are as fun as they are safe!

Stuffed Toys

There are few preschool-aged children out there who don’t appreciate the constant comfort and companionship of a favorite stuffed animal, and this means that your logo will also go wherever they do. From classic teddy bears to sock monkeys to hip flamingos to less conventional picks that are bound to get a giggle like this ugly sweater hipster bear, when it comes to finding the best branded stuffed toys to spread your message, whatever that may be, we have you covered.

Looking for a smart budget-friendly pick? Check out these adorable stubby shorties available in your choice of 12 screen-printed adorable animal varieties. Prices as low as $4.39 a unit and you only have to order 144 to qualify, so there is no need to break the bank to give families the type of gift that they can cherish for a lifetime.

In addition, there is also a full range of 20 delightful branded mascot varieties to choose from that will make great all-age office cheerleaders that are sure to bring a smile to the faces of kids and adults alike. 

Custom Stuffed Animals


Toddlers love to doodle, and this six-piece crayon set is as portable as it is affordable. With package precision printing available in your choice of screen printed or full-color formats, these fun crayon packs will work great at back-to-school promotional items, fundraiser giveaways for kids of all ages or a family event giveaway.

Even better, prices start as low as just 49 cents a unit, and you only need to order 250 items in order to qualify. 

Coloring Books

Coloring books are one of those things that kids just can’t get enough of. Even better, not only do they provide a much-appreciated way for parents and caregivers to keep their little ones occupied, but they also provide an invaluable tool for toddlers and children to exercise their creative, practice their mobile skills and learn about the world around them.

We not only provide a full range of gorgeously drawn coloring books that will appeal to kids big and small, but also a choice of specialized topics that can be industry-specific or simply just learning-friendly. This means that young children can actually learn to read along with the images as they get older. Even better, prices start as low as just 79 cents a unit. 

Custom Coloring Books

The Hottest Teenager Promo Items

Teens can be difficult to please, but not with these hot teenager promo items. 

Puzzle Planners

When it comes to stocking up for the semester, a planner is a must-have. When it comes to school promotional items, why have a teen settle for a boring adult planner when they can have a cool puzzle planner with your company name on it to show off to all their friends and family?

These hip academic puzzle planning calendars feature games of sudoku, crossword and word search on every separate page and start at the very reasonable price of just $2.76 a unit. 

Teen-Friendly Custom Tech Gear 

Looking for an affordable way to project a future-forward image that teens and their parents will all go crazy for? Why not stock up on some high-tech branded virtual reality glasses.  From the top promotional virtual reality glasses like this Cloud VR Virtual Reality Kit, from budget-friendly to top-sellers like Google Cardboard Glasses, these 3D smartphone viewers are bound to impress!

At the same time, there are few teens out there who wouldn’t find a use for a custom Bluetooth speaker. With multi-system compatibility, a high-powered titanium battery, and most importantly, great sound, this Trombone Wireless Bluetooth speaker is a great pick. Available in a range of three fun color choices, prices start as low as just $21.44 a unit. The Rave Light Up Bluetooth Speaker is another great choice for teens, and anybody looking for a budget pick can always stock up on this fun portable Guitar Wireless Bluetooth Speaker instead. It comes in 5 fun color choices for as low as $6.82 a unit.

Or how about a Popsocket? PopSockets are not only one of the top must-have items of the year, but they are available in a range of fun formats like this teen-friendly iridescent version that creates a portable branded phone or tablet stand that goes wherever they go. 

Custom PopSockets As Kid Friendly Giveaways

The Best Promotional Items for Kids of All Ages

Looking for the top all-around kids promotional products available? Look no further. 

Custom Shaped Pillows 

Kids and adults alike will delight in a custom shaped pillow that is the perfect lighthearted way to represent your logo or depict a fun image or design of your choosing. When it comes to personalized pillows, the sky’s the limit, so don’t be afraid to get creative with the design!

We will walk you through the process every step of the way, so you can rest easy that you will be left with a fun branded product that families will go crazy for. 

Custom Shaped Pillows

Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners actually initially hit the market as a way to help kids living with ADHD to concentrate and focus, but they soon became the breakaway trend of the decade that children just couldn’t wait to get their hands on.

The good news is that here at iPromo, we have all the coolest new and unique branded fidget spinners that kids love. From this highly affordable Light-Up Spinning Widget that starts at just $2.98 a unit to these Full-Colored Prop Theme Spinners to these high-quality multi-function spinnit pen, these are the type of portable toys that kids just love to show off, and that means more exposure for your brand. 

Custom Fidget Spinner Pen

Classic Toys

There are some toys that never get old, and these kids promotional products will not only impress the kids but are likely to inspire a fond sense of nostalgia in their parents as well.

For example, check out this great selection of cool branded yo-yos. Parents can talk about playground memories while they show their children how to use these fun colored yoyos that come complete with a bright digital imprint for just as low as $1.75 a unit. Or something a bit more on the wild side, check out this zany Spaghetti Yo-Yo that is bound to turn heads!

Speaking of timeless classics, what about bubble dispensers? These portable bubble dispensers are available in a full range of fun colors, shapes and vibrant printing options that are as easy on the pocketbook as they are joy-inducing for everybody they come in contact with.

Of course, a list of family-friendly kids promotional items would not be complete without games. Whether you are looking for floor games, playing cards, or gorgeously crafted board games or travel-friendly favorites like checkers and tic-tac-toe, our fantastic selection of family-friendly games is the perfect way to bring people of all ages together. 

Custom Spaghetti Yo Yo's

The Takeaway

Kids promotional items are not just for the children. These types of cool branded toys will often appeal to the adults just as much as they do the children, whether through taking them back in a walk down memory lane, creating a much-needed distraction or bringing the family together through a fun-filled activity that everybody can enjoy.

So if you are looking for the coolest all-age friendly toys to make your next trade show, a fundraiser for kids or workplace event a real splash, don’t forget that the kids are more than alright!

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