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Guide to Different Types of PopSockets for Your Promos

Wondering “What are PopSockets?” They stick flat to the back of your phone, tablet, or case with rinsable, repositionable gel. Once extended, a PopGrip becomes a media stand for your device or a photo or texting grip, or you can lower it for a video chat. The back of anyone’s phone is prime real estate for any promotion, so it’s no wonder that PopSockets are one of our best-selling promotional items. Here are some of the different types of PopSockets that are available for custom giveaways:

Custom PopSockets® PopGrip for Wholesale

Go classic with a traditional PopSockets® PopGrip in black, white/black, or white/light gray color combos. Cover the entire top of the disc with either a screen print or full color graphic for an outstanding brand impression. If you’re new to PopSocket giveaways, you can’t go wrong with this one!

PopSockets® PopGrip for MagSafe

If your intended recipients are all iPhone users, then consider getting them some custom PopSockets® PopGrip for MagSafe. These sleek white PopGrips attach to the back of the smartphone using the power of magnetism, and the grips are also compatible with all Qi wireless charging stations. Like the other items on this list, the round top of the PopGrip can be customized with a graphic of your choice.

PopSockets® PopGrip Plant

The eco-friendly PopSockets® PopGrip Plant is made of 35% plant-based materials to reduce emissions. This makes it the perfect choice for sustainable companies looking for giveaway ideas that match their values. Choose from three colors: solid white, transparent frost light blue, and transparent jade light green.

PopSockets® PopGrip Slide Stretch

If you want the benefits of a PopGrip without having to deal with the gel adhesive, then the PopSockets® Swappable PopGrip is what you’re looking for. It clips to the sides of most phone cases and is easy to position wherever, making it a very versatile corporate giveaway. Choose from white or black and either a screen print or full color graphic.

PopSockets® Pop Backspin

The newest addition to the custom PopSocket wholesale lineup, the PopSockets® Pop Backspin combines fidget toy functionality with the design of a classic PopGrip. The top is equipped with ball bearings that allow it to spin around, and it comes in both black and silver metal that can be laser engraved with your brand name.

PopSockets® Wood PopGrip

For a more natural look, check out the PopSockets® Wood PopGrip, which comes in two colors: Bamboo (light brown) and Rosewood (deep red brown). These tastefully patterned PopGrips are a great choice if your company wants a more natural or rustic vibe, and it complements outdoorsy branding especially well.

PopSockets Iridescent PopGrip

PopSockets® Iridescent PopGrip

If you’re looking to capitalize on the iridescent soap bubble trend, then you need to take a look at the PopSockets® Iridescent PopGrip. The top can be laser engraved with your brand name or logo for a trendy smartphone accessory that will appeal to young employees and consumers.

PopSockets® Aluminum PopGrip

For a wide color selection, consider the PopSockets® Aluminum PopGrip, which comes in eight different hues: space gray, emerald green, champagne, gold, ruby red, black, sapphire blue, and rose gold. The top can be either screen printed or laser engraved for a bold and classy branding statement.

PopSockets® Swappable PopGrip

PopSockets® Swappable PopGrips make it easy to remove the base from the PopTop so users can swap out the PopTops as needed. They can also remove the top completely to use your phone’s Qi wireless charging capabilities. Choose from black, white/black, or white/light gray color combos just like the regular PopSockets.

PopSockets Vegan Leather PopGrip

PopSockets® Vegan Leather PopGrip

For an elevated branding statement, consider the PopSockets® Vegan Leather PopGrip, which is made of eco-friendly non-animal leather. Select either brown or black vegan leather and laser engrave it with a graphic of your design for a PopGrip that will look right at home in the next office.

PopSockets® PopMount Flex

Create a makeshift tripod, mount a smartphone to a bike, and more with the PopSockets® PopMount Flex. The Flex 2 mount snaps on and off the PopSocket easily and the legs wrap around almost anything to hold the phone secure. Also consider the PopSockets® PopMount 2 Flex PopGrip Swappable if you want the ability to switch out the PopGrips easily.

PopSockets® PopWallet+

Help your recipient go wallet-free with a custom PopSockets® PopWallet+, which combines a silicone smartphone wallet with a PopGrip. It can hold up to three credit cards or six business cards, depending on the card thickness. For a more affordable alternative, check out the PopSockets® PopWallet+ Lite as well.

Believe it or not, this isn’t even all the custom wholesale PopSockets we have in stock! Browse the iPromo store today to see all the options for custom branded PopSockets.