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How to give away promotional products at trade shows

If you are a franchise dealer looking to expand your customer base, don’t miss out on the opportunity to give away promotional items at trade shows. More people will become aware of your brand and may start using your company’s products and services. However, in order for your promotional items to be a success, you must plan ahead. Here are five tips for giving away promotional products at trade shows:

1. Create excitement with pre-show mailings
It is a good idea to send pre-show mailings to trade show attendees to get them excited. You can even send promotional items as part of personalized mailings to remind potential customers of your tradeshow appearance. For example, you could send the attendees branded pens or branded T-shirts. Also, let the customers know where your booth will be and what you will be offering.

2. Don’t print specific dates on items
One mistake to avoid is printing a particular date on your promotional items. If you don’t give away all of your products, you will be stuck with merchandise that can’t be used again. If you just print your company logo on the items, you can reuse them at future events.

“Avoid printing a particular date on your promotional items.”

3. Don’t pile giveaways on your booth
If you just pile your promotional items on the booth for anyone to take, they will have less value. Exhibitor Media Group suggests displaying the item you are giving away in a locked Lucite box and requiring guests to earn the product by viewing a demo.

4. Talk to everyone who takes your products
When trade show attendees linger around your booth for a few moments, make sure to start a conversation with them. Ask them if they have any questions or if they would like more information about your business. According to Inc. magazine, if you just sit behind your booth and don’t make eye contact with buyers that walk by, attendees may not notice you.

5. Include a call to action
If you really want to make the most out of your promotional products at a trade show, don’t forget a call to action. Asking potential customers to follow your company on Twitter or call for a free estimate can encourage them to contact your business.

Following these tips will help your company make a good impression at trade shows.

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