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Kaplan University – Hagerstown, MO

See how Kaplan has learned to efficiently sell custom flash drives at their campus bookstore.

The Kaplan University bookstore caters primarily to the 2000 students living on campus. Since class schedules are broken up into four “sessions” per year, the start of each session brings a spike in foot traffic through the bookstore. Almost all students need disk space to manage and transport their work. This need is partially driven by the Kaplan’s efforts to save central disk space on the University server.

The Challenge:
Sell flash drives to students that are cost efficient, practical, convenient, and a desirable alternative to the student’s other flash drive options.

The Solution:
Over the years, Kaplan has made improvements between their flash drive orders. They changed from a 256MB to a more practical 1GB for the students. They have also added lanyards to recent orders, creating a new benefit for the student: being able to carry student ID’s and the flash drive.

Kaplan’s merchandising solution for their custom flash drives:
• PRODUCT: A silver Style DE with a useful 1GB capacity,printed with Kaplan’s PMS blue. For convenience, an affordable custom lanyard was attached. The custom drive and lanyard made for an attractive combination to the students.
• INVENTORY: Kaplan saves by purchasing 250 to supply the annual flash drive demand
• STORE DISPLAY: No packaging necessary. Instead, the flash drives were hung from their lanyard attachments behind the counter of the bookstore

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