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OSU University Center for Advancement of Teaching Flash Drives

See how the largest public school in the country uses flash drives to train new teachers and support their success.

Ohio State is the largest Public School in the country with close to 60,000 students. To manage that student base, OSU needs to maintain a very large faculty. So OSU recently developed the University Center for Advancement of Teaching (UCAT). The center is a service unit at the University, created to help new Teachers, Teaching Assistants, and Lecturers develop and become acclimated with Ohio State.

There is an annual orientation of 400-500 new TA’s conducted weeks before a new season begins. The orientation includes training activities and equips the TA’s with tools to be successful teachers. Some activities need paper and some don’t. According to UCAT, “the problem with paper is that many activities just end up in a pile and are rarely referred to again. If it is provided to them electronically, the teachers are more likely to refer to the material again.”

The Challenge:
UCAT wanted to improve the training process with electronic materials and convert their paper materials for ecological reasons, saving both paper and printing costs.

The Solution:
Flash drives were distributed at the TA Orientation Meetings. Each of the flash drives was preloaded with important training and support materials, including: on-campus resources, web
resources, planning worksheets, and teaching handbooks. Finally, adding a basic lanyard made the drive easy to carry around and keep track of.

The same solution was provided to all other new faculty hires and distributed at the beginning of their faculty orientation. Any remaining drives left over were distributed to existing faculty
as a gift intended as a re-branding campaign for the new name of their training program: UCAT.

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