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Medical College of Wisconsin Flash Drives

See how MCW used flash drives to help target recruit top talent student

The Medical College of Wisconsin is one of only a handful of Medical Colleges in the United States. To make them even more exclusive, they have only 204 openings available for 1st year students. Without any recruitment efforts, they receive 7000 applications a year, so they have no trouble with achieving 100% enrollment. Though it is rarely necessary to recruit medical students, they do compete with the other medical colleges for the best and the brightest.

The Challenge:
Starting with 7000 applications, they narrow the candidates to 650. Those 650 are brought on campus for an interview. Each year, the Medical College of Wisconsin wants to make a positive impression on these top tier candidates, regardless of acceptance or rejection. The College was getting tired of the shirts, caps, and tote bags. They wanted something day-to-day useful that would still make the students remember them.

The Solution:
A flash drive was distributed hand-to-hand after every individual interview. The college preloaded each with a catalog providing an overview of the school. They chose 1GB of space because they wanted the drive to have a very useful capacity.

Any remaining drives were distributed at an annual Pre-Med Advisors Conference. They hand them out directly to the Pre-Med Advisors because they have tremendous influence over the student’s decisions.

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