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The Most Popular Promotional Giveaways for Trade shows

People love free stuff.

They love it so much that 53% of consumers report using a promotional item at least once per week and 6 in 10 keep that item for at least 2 years.

Trade shows provide the unmatchable opportunity to show off your company and products to the world, but your promotional giveaways must be incentivizing.

If not you risk missing out on acquisition of new customers- and you risk seeing a whole bunch of logo pens and water bottles in the trashcan.

Promotional Giveaways: Items People Actually Want

Rule of thumb: The best promotional giveaways include:

  • Intriguing, sought-out items that customers need in daily living
  • Cost-effective. While marketing is a powerful tool that can and will cost money, it needs to be within your company’s reasonable budget
  • Streamlined- same logo, same color scheme: keep it uniform

Top Useful Items Customers Want!

Charging Sets

Why we recommend:

  • Highly intriguing. In our smartphone, tablet, and laptop-infused world, who doesn’t need another charger?
  • Chances are, someone forgot their appropriate device, and they will feel INCREDIBLY grateful for your company providing them with one.
  • These are long-lasting products, and your name is associated for however long your customer keeps this item!

Cell Phone Accessories

Why we recommend:

  • Everyone has a cell phone, but most people don’t have the fun accessories that come with it. Remember, the best promotional giveaways offer the customer something captivating AND useful to his or her daily life.
  • In today’s selfie culture, fish-eyed lenses or selfie sticks are coveted and widely-used items. Your item (and logo) tags along with the individual on his or her travels, adventures, and with friends.

Travel Mugs

Why we recommend:

  • 83% of people drink coffee.
  • Many trade shows supply coffee with refreshments throughout the day. Wouldn’t YOU prefer carrying around your java in an insulated mug instead of a flimsy styrofoam cup? Yeah, your customers prefer this as well!
  • Other great options like travel mugs include Custom Tumblers, Vacuum Bottles and Flasks


Why we recommend:

  • Every other company is already handing out pens
  • With price averaging, they are very cost-effective (comparable to pens)
  • Everyone needs a highlighter. In a world swimming in pens, aren’t we always searching for that one, lone highlighter? Your customers will be grateful for this!

Promotional Giveaways: Best Bang for Your Buck!

Hand Sanitizer

Why we recommend:

  • Satisfies a simple need: people walking around trade shows are touching a bunch of stuff. We all want clean hands.
  • Incredibly cost-effective. For less than a dollar apiece, these tiny bottles can last customers for several weeks (hence, your name stays in their purse or desk drawer for that much time).

Breath Refresheners

Why we recommend

  • Everyone likes a breath mint, especially at a trade show with culinary vendors or onsite food.
  • Sharing power. Remember in middle school when someone opened a pack of gum and everyone wanted a piece? Same applies to mints. More people passing around your promotional giveaway = more attention to your brand.

As always, promotional pen styles like Ballpoint Pens, Click Pens and Stick Pens always make great giveaways and are the perfect budget friendly option. Promotional giveaways within trade shows are essential for branding your company. They allow the customer to “take” your company home with you and essentially advertise it through their daily living.

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