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Secrets to Running a Successful Promotional Giveaway Campaign

People remember who gave them promotional productsThe most successful brands in the world today go an extra mile to keep their clients happy. They are always on the lookout for effective and economical ways to promote their brand. Studies have shown that people remember companies up to two years after receiving a promotional gift item. The best part of a promotional giveaway is that you can tailor it according to the types of clients with whom you are dealing. For example, a car enthusiast going to an auto trade show would be delighted to receive a flash drive shaped like their favorite car. Promotional giveaways campaigns are the recent buzz and companies are increasingly coming up with ideas too.

Importance of Promotional Giveaways

There are many reasons why new startups and large conglomerates today use giveaway items more than ever before. Corporations invest so much on digital marketing campaigns, but with so much competition on social media, television and even radio that it is hard for consumers to retain a particular brand for a longer period of time, as they always say ‘out of sight – out of mind.’ But with a suitable giveaway item, your clients always recall your brand name by using your promotional item such as flash drives, baseball caps, and water bottles in their everyday lives.

You need to decide which giveaway item is best suited and most useful for your target audience. If you have done this correctly, they will truly appreciate the creativity that has gone into that giveaway item. People often recognize your brand by the creativity of your promotional items. Studies have shown that consumers associate themselves with products that are interesting and appealing.

Steps for Planning a Successful Giveaway Campaign

Identify the purpose of the Giveaway campaign

The first step in running a successful promotional campaign is to be clear about your goal. You need to have a clear answer about why you are running the promotional campaign. Is it because you want to create awareness for your brand? Do you want to drive sales? Or do you want to create loyalty with your customers? Based on your goal, you can devise your strategy, prepare your budget, identify your target audience and the event location (such as trade shows or exhibitions) to promote your giveaways.

Knowing your target audienceKnow Your Target Audience

Once you understand the purpose of your giveaway campaign, it is necessary to come up with your customer profile before you can select an item. Now, more than ever, it is essential to receive in-depth knowledge of your customer. It’s because when you don’t have sufficient understanding, you will not be able to come up with a campaign that resonates with them and create the response that you are hoping to generate through your promotional efforts.

Selecting the product

Once you have identified your target audience; you will need to select a giveaway item which creates value for your client base. You want your giveaway to create a buzz at the trade show, you want it to be a conversation starter. But without having sufficient knowledge about the demographics and psychographics of your target audience, you will not be able to come up with the right product. The impactful giveaways are the ones that consumers always wanted but never actually purchased before. The idea is to create a product that your target audience will use and keep for a long time. Your giveaway is similar to your business card; your clients will carry it with them and will think of  your company first when their next purchasing decision comes around. Hence, it is essential that the product is eye-catching and follows a theme that relates to your brand.

Selecting the right promotional product is key

Some of the most effective promotional items recently have been Custom PopSockets, Flash Drives, Baseball caps, Custom Socks, portable power banks chargers and Bluetooth speakers. If you want to tap a larger audience without specifying a certain segment you can use an item for general use such as a flash drive. However, you can tailor the design of your flash drive towards a certain segment. If you are promoting your giveaway item to a specified market segment such as sports enthusiasts or runners, items such as water bottles, gloves, baseball caps and T-shirts will go a long way. Custom PopSockets are the latest trend in giveaway items and prove to be a useful item for any customer base. Branding the PopSockets is like creating a walking billboard that helps create awareness about your company and keeps your customers happy at the same time. For the most bang for your marketing buck, promotional pens and tote bags are always most effective when targeting a large general audience.

Find a Partner

Having a promotional partner by your side during your giveaway campaign helps a lot. These could be companies that complement your product such as pharmaceutical firms partnering with medical doctors by providing them giveaways such as pen holders and calendars. Partnering with public figures such as celebrities and authors can provide exponential growth to your promotional campaign.

Aligning Social Media With Your Promotional GiveawaysUse Social Media

Social Media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn are effective channels to advertise your promotional giveaways. It gives you dual visibility in addition to the trade show event, and a chance to show off your products and services to your clients and visitors landing on your page. Without the presence of social media in conjunction with your giveaway, you might not get the results that you had hoped for in the first place.


Promotional Giveaways are a quick and cost-effective method for creating brand awareness. The promotional items that you give to your clients increase exposure for your brand, but even more importantly, you create brand loyalty. Here at iPromo, we will not only guide you through the product selection process but we guarantee the lowest prices in the industry. We take pride ourselves in providing promotional product expertise and creating a truly unique and useful giveaway for your next event. Feel free to Live Chat with us or give us a call at 888-994-7766 to see how we can take your branding to the next level.

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