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The best promotional gifts for techies

Whether they’re on your IT team or just electronic enthusiasts, every techie out there gets excited for new promotional items. If you’re having an annual holiday party and you’re looking for fun and engaging promotional gifts for the nerds in your life, look no further! We’ve compiled the very best presents to ooh and ahh even the geekiest of geeks this winter. From wearable USBs to styluses that clean your screen, these tech devices combine style and function into kilobyte-sized pieces.

Wearable USB bracelets
These compact and delightful wearable USB bracelets are made of plastic and look similar to wearable fitness trackers, marrying style and function. These convenient bracelets can be purchased in various data sizes, from 512 MB to 32 GB. Having these convenient bracelets erases the need for easy-to-lose flash drives. They’re also highly affordable, making them a viable wearable technology option for your geek squad. Many wearable technology items exist in the market but very few are under $100, according to Mashable. Decorate your wearable USBs with your company logo for a unique gift your tech team can really take a byte out of.

Click card USB
Say hello to the flash drive’s little cousin – the click card USB. These microchip-sized USB devices are conveniently disguised as credit cards, gift cards or business cards, making them easy to carry and transport in your wallet. They also come in a variety of sizes up to 32 GB. These chips come in handy if you are prone to losing flash drives, thus carrying one in your wallet can prevent data loss. Give these to your technology team or everyone in between with your company logo and a few words of inspiration. That way, if your techie ever says their computer doesn’t have enough space or someone needs to save a presentation for a client meeting, this small USB can save the day.

According to Mashable, Wearable technology is on the rise yet there are few affordable options.According to Mashable, wearable technology is on the rise yet there are few affordable options.

Stylus and screen cleaner
Tired of working on a dirty tablet screen? So is your IT department. Say hello to the combination stylus and screen cleaner. This promotional gift is smaller than a credit card, but is a 2-in-1 device that combines a microfiber screen cleaner and a capacitive stylus for touch screens. Instead of using your fingers, give these small-yet-mighty tools a try and decorate them with your company logo. Your screens and IT department will thank you later.

Flexible USB hub
Fun and funky USB hubs can come in all sorts of shapes from bananas to Darth Vader’s head, according to Mashable. The only downside to these USB hubs is that they are not flexible and some cannot fit in tight spaces. Look no further than the flexible USB port. These small devices can fold up to look like tables with your organization’s logo on top, making them easy to store and stay on brand with. Many offer between four and six USB plugs, so pick the USB hub that’s best for your organization based on their technology needs.

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