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UCLA School of Nursing – Custom Shaped Flash Drive

See how UCLA helped the American Heart Association bolster recruitment efforts and appreciate their members.

UCLA has one of the premier cardiovascular research centers. Working closely with the American Heart Association (AHA), the university provided “unrestricted funding” to help sponsor a dinner event to help promote the 40th Anniversary of the AHA Council on Cardiovascular Nursing (CVN). The council of nurses provides continued education to the American Heart Association on how to best apply new medical science to both clinical application and compassionate patient care.

The Challenge:
Celebrating their 40th Anniversary, the CVN Council wanted to distribute a gift to each of the 250 nurses and AHA members attending the dinner event, intended to:
• Show appreciation to all members of the AHA.
• Encourage and help recruitment of Nurses to the AHA

The Solution:
Two heart shaped flash drives were ordered for everyone in attendance:
• The first flash drive was given in appreciation for attendance and their membership support.
• The second flash drive was given to members to give to a friend or fellow nurse as encouragement to join.

Flash drives were spread out across the center of the dinner tables, each pre-loaded with flyers about the AHA, clinical guidelines, and forms on how to join the AHA.



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