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7 Important Employee Appreciation Days to Celebrate

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Want to show appreciation to your employees? You definitely don’t need an excuse to do that, but if you want to tie your employee appreciation events to a specific holiday, you’re in luck: there are many of them throughout the year. We’ll highlight seven occasions that are perfect for giving employee appreciation gifts.

Some of these holidays have a date that shifts each year, so they always fall on a weekday no matter what. Others have a permanent date that will inevitably fall on a weekend some years. In those years, feel free to just celebrate the holiday on the previous Friday or following Monday, whichever one works best. Do keep in mind that there are plenty of days, weeks, and months that are dedicated to specific professions, from paramedics to publicists. We didn’t include those on the list because they are so industry-specific, but definitely seek out ones that make sense for your business.

Community Manager Appreciation Day

Give your community managers some love every year on the fourth Monday in January. Community managers work really hard to create and maintain a brand’s online presence and moderating all those channels can be really draining, so they deserve to get recognition for all their hard work. Make sure that your community managers know they are appreciated on this day — and year round.

National Employee Appreciation Day

This holiday is a classic, and we couldn’t make this list without including it. National Employee Appreciation Day is celebrated every year on March 4th and is the perfect opportunity to show all of your employees you appreciate them. Close the office early, take them out to lunch, give them custom Yeti tumblers, or otherwise show your appreciation for the entire office. Definitely let the opportunity slip by since this is one of the few holidays on the list that almost everyone will have heard of.

coworkers celebrate hats and confetti

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Administrative Professionals Day

Admins and office managers are the glue that holds the office together, and they frequently don’t get enough credit for all the behind-the-scenes work they do. Change things up on this holiday, which is always held on the Wednesday of the last full week in April, by putting your admins in the spotlight. Show the admins that all their work is recognized and that you see all the effort they put into keeping the office machinery running smoothing.

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Receptionists Day

This is another holiday dedicated to celebrating the unsung heroes of the office. Receptionists are the first point of contact for visitors or customers and often handle essential tasks like scheduling. Celebrated on the second Wednesday in May, National Receptionists Day is the perfect time to appreciate their hard work. If your office manager also acts as your receptionist, you can choose just one holiday to celebrate or celebrate both days to really show them some love.

National Intern Day

Interns may not be a permanent member of the team, but they do a lot of grunt work and deserve to be celebrated for that. National Intern Day is celebrated on July 29th, making it the perfect day to show appreciation to your summer interns. If you usually only get fall or spring interns during the school year, feel free to go rogue and celebrate them on a date that falls during their internships. And don’t forget to always pay your interns — the most meaningful gesture of all.

handing gift box to employee

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Boss’s Day

If you have a really great supervisor, then October 16th, a.k.a. Boss’s Day, is the time to let them know how much you appreciate having such a cool manager. Whether it’s your CEO or just your direct supervisor, give them a handwritten card, a personalized tile tracker, or something else that shows how much the office appreciates their management style. A good boss gives a lot to their team, so give them something back!

Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day

Show love to the entire team on Extraordinary Work Team Recognition Day, held on December 4th each year. This is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate all the work you have done as a team this calendar year before you are swept up in the end-of-year company-wide festivities. Take some time just as a team to reflect on what you have accomplished in the past 12 months and to think about how you would like the next year to go.

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