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9 Best Winter Promotional Items To Help Your Clients and Employees Brave The Cold

Our best cozy, comfort inducing swag ideas to help your company’s brand standout in the cold. Warm accessories, insulated travel mugs, Buffalo plaid, bright colors, eco-friendly items and the best multi-purpose tech are all on the agenda for promotional items and trends this winter. With these numerous ideas, you’re guaranteed to have the best promotional items of the year that you can give your deserving staff and clients.

Best Promotional Items and Trends This Winter.

As fall turns to winter, there are a ton of great trends going around for the end of the year. These products are items  you just can’t get through this chilly season without. Continue reading for the best promotional items and trends this winter. 

1. U-Efficient Knit Mitts

Stay bundled up this winter with a great set of mittens. The U-Efficient Knit Mitts are available in four colors that will please any outdoorsman. These super comfy mittens have a reinforced grip around the thumb and the palm area to ensure things don’t slip out of your hands and drop into the snow never to be found again.

The extremely durable material is made of a stretchy, anti-pill fabric that is also water repellent. This is the optimal glove for building snowmen and having snowball fights. 

The U-Efficient Knit Mitts are fully customizable. The logo can be screen-printed on the front of the mitten. This is the optimal spot to show off your brand as it’s visible at all times. You also have the option to get your logo embroidered onto the mitts for a sleeker look.

Custom Winter Kit

2. Zippo 6-Hour Rechargeable Hand Warmer

If you’re planning on being outside for several hours a day, the Zippo 6-Hour Rechargeable Hand Warmer is a great thing to have. You can warm your hands with the simple touch of a button. Whether you’re on a walk through the woods or ice skating in town, there’s plenty of circumstances where a rechargeable hand warmer will come in handy.  

This is a great multifunctional tool as it can double as a power bank. As long as your device can be charged using a USB, you’re good to go. This is an excellent choice for winter swag since a lot of devices tend to die faster as the weather gets colder. You’ll be able to stay connected any time of the year.

The Zippo 6-Hour Rechargeable Hand Warmer can be customized with a screen-printed logo. This can be situated on the top of the device, exposing your brand to anyone who uses it. If you’re looking for more unique promotional items, this is definitely the product for you. 

Custom Zippo Rechargeable Hand Warmer

3. Cast Wireless Headphones

Wearing large coats can tangle up the wires on headphones even more than usual. That is why everyone needs sleek, cordless headphones this winter. They look great and are one of the best promotional items of the year. The Cast Wireless Headphones are specifically created in bold and bright colors to be bold and eye-catching. The available colors are black, white, red, and blue.

The battery life can last up to eight hours on a single charge. There is a clearly labeled area for the control pad on the side of the headphones. This includes a play/pause/phone call button, an LED light, the next/volume buttons, a micro-sd card slot, and a charging slot, as well as an Aux line. Your company’s logo is customized and placed on the silicone pad on the side of the headphones. 

Custom Wireless Headphones

4. Buffalo Plaid Ultra Plush Throw Blanket

Buffalo plaid products are flying off the shelves at major retailers this winter. The extreme comfort and on trend look of the Buffalo Plaid Ultra Plush Throw Blanket is the perfect way to keep warm and cozy by the fire. This blanket is made up of coral fleece and features the iconic Buffalo plaid style in blue, red, and white. 

This design is a great way to show your employees you care for their well-being. Blankets are super comfortable and what everyone wants to cuddle up in on a cold winter’s day. These products are customizable and your logo can be embroidered into the bottom corner with up to 7,500 stitches. 

Custom Buffalo Plaid Promotional Items

5. Palm Bluetooth Speaker With Wireless Power Bank

Everyone needs more multi-purpose items in their lives. The Palm Bluetooth Speaker W/ Wireless Powerbank is a great multifunctional device that blends a wireless power bank with a Bluetooth speaker. The speaker has built-in music controls that can last up to 30 hours with one charge. The power bank can charge any device capable of wireless charging. With all these additional features, it’s no wonder this is one of the more creative promotions of the year.

If you’re searching for a great gift to give employees for the holidays, this Bluetooth speaker and wireless power bank is the perfect option. It is also fully customizable; your logo can be screen-printed or displayed in full color on your device. The design is placed on the front, which is the optimal place for visibility. 

Custom Bluetooth Speaker & Wireless Charger

6. Reusable Stainless Straw 10 in 1 Set

Eco-friendly products are on-trend—and for a good reason: people are starting to wake up about the threat of climate change. If you’re looking for the perfect eco-friendly promotional items, supply your employees with their very own Reusable Stainless Straw 10 in 1 Set. This reusable straw set includes eight stainless steel straws in different sizes, one straw brush, and a cotton pouch to store them all in. The various colored silicone tips can help differentiate each drink when you have multiple guests. 

Each straw is created from 18/8, food-grade stainless steel and is dishwasher safe. The cotton pouch can be customized to include a logo of your choice. The printing options are full-color and screen-printing. The logo will be placed on the very front of the pouch, showing off that your company cares about providing environmentally-friendly options as a solution to minimizing plastic waste.

Custom Reusable Straws

7. Rover Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug 14oz:

A reliable mug is exactly what you need for a relaxing day spent in front of the fireplace. The Rover Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug 14oz isn’t just great for camping, the durable, double-walled stainless steel walls with copper insulation can allow your coffee, tea, and other warm beverages to stay hot for up to six hours, and cold for up to 24 hours.

You can get this mug fully customized with your company’s logo. The screen-printed design can be wrapped around the entire mug or placed on the front. Available in five colors including black, navy, silver, white, and gray, the sleek design and reliability will leave you impressed with one of the best promotional items of the season.

Custom Rover Copper Vacuum Insulated Camp Mug

8. S’ip by S’well 17oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle 

Not only for cold drinks, the S’ip by S’well 17oz Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle can also be used to insulate your hot drinks even longer. Cold drinks will stay cold for up to 24 hours and hot drinks will stay warm for up to 12 hours. The double-walled, insulated 18/8 stainless steel will allow you to keep a warm drink with you for all of your winter adventures! 

Plus, the leak-free top allows you to simply toss your bottle in your bag without a second thought. These bottles are not dishwasher safe so be sure to hand wash only. The great thing about these bottles is the seven stunning colors they come in, which are: marshmallow white, black licorice, jelly bean green, purple gumdrop, jersey blue, cotton candy blue, and bubblegum pink. If you’re looking for a reliable bottle that’s bold and bright, you’ve come to the right place. 

You can customize these creative promotional products by laser engraving your logo to the bottle’s surface. Your design will be displayed on the side opposite of the S’well logo. It takes around 15-20 business days for this product to arrive, so make sure you don’t need it right away.

Custom S'well Water Bottles for Warm or Cold Liquids

Custom Bamboo Robes

9. Eco-Friendly Turkish Bamboo Robe

Bundle up during the coldest time of the year with the Eco-Friendly Turkish Bamboo Robe. This eco-friendly spa essential is guaranteed to keep you warm and help you relax all winter long. Made from 70 percent bamboo and 30 percent cotton, this robe is durable and made from a high-quality renewable resource. 

Fully customizable, your logo can be embroidered with up to 7,000 stitches. Your logo will be displayed on the top corner of the robe, so everyone can see your company’s name. Plus, the lettering can be done in a variety of ways, with up to 12 colors or more used. 

Contact iPromo today to customize any of theses products or have one of our swag experts find other winter promotional items to keep your brand top of mind this coming year and beyond.

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