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ByLeo Victor

Unique Customized Items for Promos and Marketing Events: 10 Creative Ideas

Company giveaways have the tendency to look the same year after year. But your business doesn’t need to fall in this category. You can stand out with unique customized business items that can improve brand visibility but also engage clients, employees, and customers.

Let’s examine different business items that you can customize for promos, sales, corporate giveaways, and for any event that can make an impact on your marketing and promotional strategy through smart customization.

Creative Customized Business Item Ideas

Custom Apparel that Speaks Volumes

This is not your typical t-shirt with a company logo. Custom apparel such as hats, sweaters, hoodies, and socks can be customized to suit your brand. Here at iPromo you can add your brand logo to all of these items and more – which can really help you stand out from the crowd.

You could also choose the colors of your custom apparel so they reflect your corporate colors or logo, whether it’s socks or simple t-shirts.

Branded Tech Gadgets for Modern Professionals

There are now lots of gadgets you could potentially customize as business items. Explore tech-savvy options like USB drives, wireless chargers, or even branded Beats by Dre headphones. You can customize these items by adding your brand logo, which gives the impression that your company is tuned in with technology or is somehow associated with these hot items or popular brands.

Trendy Eco-friendly Merchandise

If you are big on sustainability and eco-friendly items, you can demonstrate your company’s  corporate responsibility with custom earth-friendly items. Here at iPromo we have a wide selection of eco-friendly products to customize, including high-quality t-shirts, tote bags, tree kits, mesh sneakers, and much more.

Your logo on these giveaway items will reflect your company’s awareness and efforts to create a sustainable planet, which appeals to many people who believe in sustainability and want to support ethical businesses.

Customized Office Stationery

Another practical option, you can customize organizers, notebooks, and journals with our custom stationery options. You can use branded notebooks, writing pads, and desk accessories with your business log added to them which  add a touch of professionalism to any workspace.

Drinkware that Sparks Conversation

Hydration is not just for athletes or gym enthusiasts. These days, everyone brings their drinkware to stay healthy or to lessen the use of single-use plastics. You can choose unique drinkware and put your logo on it, making it a branding tool for your company.

Consider choosing drinkware that is unique and quirky, such as color-changing mugs to stainless steel straws, and create conversation starters that showcase your brand in a fun and memorable way.

Gift Sets for Special Occasions

One way to make your giveaways memorable is to curate several custom business items and create a gift set that will impress your recipients. Curate gift sets for special occasions, such as holidays or client milestones.

You can include a variety of branded business items that can be used in and out of the office as they can make for memorable gifts that will be remembered for years to come.

Sports & Outdoor Products

All work and no play makes everybody bored and stressed, so why not consider products made for relaxation and fun? You could customize sports and outdoor gear so your stakeholders know you also want them to go out and relax.

Engage your audience with giveaways such as outdoor chairs, balls, umbrellas, coolers, sunglasses, golf products, pickleball paddles, and games. Branding such items gives the recipient the feeling of exclusivity and acceptance, especially when your business items are limited to your employees and special clients.

Self-care Packages

Even if the pandemic is over, you can still send self-care packages using customized business items to remind your audience that you want them to stay safe. Include items such as first aid kits, hand sanitizers, face masks, and gloves, all customized with your company’s logo and branding.

All of these will remind them that their health is important to you too, and giving these self-care packages can go a long way in making them feel safe.

Event Swag Boxes

Another way to support your company’s promotional efforts is to present guests and visitors with event swag boxes. These boxes can hold anything from pens to quarter zip sweaters, and the boxes themselves can be customized in full color over the entire box for maximum branding impact.

Include lanyards, badges, stress balls, water bottles, coffee mugs, backpacks, apparel, tech, and more, that will make any visitor feel welcome and appreciated. And even if it’s only a virtual event, you can extend your promotional efforts with custom swag boxes when you ship them directly to your participants.

Create Snack Packs for a Tasty Promotion

Sometimes, the best way to show your audience and staff that you care is to give them a snack pack. This is a good way to support your team and your audience during an event. Use a customized tote bag for your snack pack, which could include bottled water and energy bars.

You will surely delight everyone with your thoughtfulness, and they won’t surely forget that your brand is associated with a positive and enjoyable experience.

Make Customized Items Your Branding Buddy

These innovative customized business items are your best friend when it comes to crafting a powerful and effective marketing strategy. Invest in thoughtful giveaways and improve your brand visibility. Explore our website and the many options we offer for promotional merchandise and watch your brand visibility soar.