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Why Co-Branding With Retail Brands is so Powerful For Corporate Gifts

Co-branding is a powerful marketing strategy that has the potential to bring your company significant growth and success. It’s a form of partnership where two or more brands come together to contribute their identities and creative ideas to merge a new brand with unique logos and themes.

But what does co-branding have to do with client gifts? Keep reading to find out more about the form of partnership and the benefits it brings.

Why is Co-branding So Effective?

Co-branding is likely to bring your brand a significant amount of growth and success. When two or more brands choose to collaborate and form a joined partnership, it’s likely to result in increased brand awareness for both parties, increased strength and power in the marketplace, and positive associations for each brand.

Corproate Gifting

However, when it comes to co-branding corporate gifts, it’s important to choose your category and brand strategically. What types of products that provide utility would clients be interested in? And which brands are known to be high-quality? Considering that utility and quality are the two most important factors for why people keep promo items, it’s important to decide wisely.

Why Partner With Retail HouseHold Brands For Client Gifts?

Studies have shown that a retail partnerships have the ability to yield significant growth in revenue and profit. But why? Because retailers are powerful, considering they have their own image, they can link your products with the right customers, and they provide information to customers.

Co-branding corporate gifts

When you collaborate with a retailer, your company has the ability to generate high exposure and impressive sales growth. When you partner with a reputable brand you’re also gaining access to more high-quality products and are linking your brand with that reputation, creating a positive association in the minds of consumers and other brands. 

And according to findings from the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average U.S. household owns about 30 promotional items. This signifies that when people like the household products they receive, they are likely to keep them. So when planning your marketing strategy for giving out client gifts, consider forming a co-branding strategy with retail household brands and the benefits that can bring you.

Examples of Co-branding for Client Gifts

If you’re looking to see a few co-branding examples from partnering with retail household brands for client gifts, keep reading to discover a few ideas.

1. Logitech® HD Webcam

Custom Logitech HD Webcam

For those looking for high-end branded gifts for a client’s home or office, this Logitech HD Webcam is the perfect home gift for clients who like to skype, video chat, or work remotely. It provides high definition video calling and recording, premium autofocus, 360-degree rotational spinning, auto light correction, built in noise reduction, and a variety of other features that guarantee high-quality videoconferencing and telecommunications services.

We offer customizable pad print options in one color and location for your business. The price ranges from $81.99 to $84.99 depending on the number of items ordered, with a minimum order quantity of just 6 webcams – so you can focus on quality over quantity for co-branding corporate gifts.

2. Custom Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation

Custom Amazon Dots 3rd Generation

The Custom Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Generation would be a co-branding corporate gift that definitely brings that wow factor. It’s becoming increasingly popular in today’s society, but its functions are still impressive. It’s Amazon’s most popular voice-controlled speaker currently in the market and can perform a variety of different functions, such as playing music, answering Google questions, controlling compatible devices, calling others, and more.

We add a custom screen print at the top to showcase your brand’s signage. The price ranges from $59.49 to $65.99 depending on the quantity ordered, and there’s a low minimum order quantity of 12 items. When you gift your very own customized Amazon Echo Dot, you can be certain that this is a gift that won’t be forgotten. It will make your client’s life at home easier, more convenient, and more technologically integrated than ever before. 

3. Custom Apple AirPods

With wireless devices, tools, and all sorts of technology becoming more and more popular, AirPods have definitely been on top of trends. If you want to give a gift that’s high-quality, trendy, and extremely useful and up to date with the latest technology, check out these custom Apple AirPod.

Custom Apple AirPods Tow Imprint Locations

You will be providing your clients with the high-quality audio and voice earbuds, a long extensive battery life that doesn’t require frequent charging, and the convenience of wire-free listening. It also provides quick access to Siri, seamless switching between devices, and convenient one-tap setup. With our customized screen prints your high-end corporate gifts will be more personable and memorable than ever before.

The price ranges from $199.49 to $209.47, with a low minimum order quantity of 12 earpods. This price includes one color and one imprint location, on the front charging case that stores the earpods. While it might not be the cheapest gift, you’ll be paying for quality that sets you apart from other businesses and helps you take the next step into your relationship with a special client, forming a longer-lasting, more meaningful bond. 

4. High Sierra 21 Wheeled Carry-On With Computer Sleeve

high sierra Custom wheeled carry-on computer bags

Whether your client is doing a lot of traveling for business or they’re planning on taking a well-deserved vacation, this High Sierra 21 Wheeled Carry-On can help make their life a lot easier. It can be used as a regular backpack or transported by wheels when it’s full. The bag also contains a computer sleeve suitable for a computer up to 17”, which makes it perfect as a carry-on or luggage for short trips. This bag also meets FAA carry-on regulations, so there’s no need to worry about potential complications with flying.

We offer two decoration options for the carry-on bag – a screen print or embroidery option. The unit price ranges from $126.98 to $162.79 depending on the type of decoration chosen and the number of items ordered. This bag is made of Techwve Nylon and is available in the color black. 

5. Slazenger Turf Series 22” Duffel Bag

Custom Slazenger Duffel Bags

Who says corporate gifts have to be all about business? It can be fun and refreshing to gift an item that doesn’t involve anything related to the office and is strictly for personal use and interest. It can also be a good option for those who want to gift a quality item without breaking the bank.

And the Slazenger Turf Series 22” Duffel Bag is the perfect choice for clients who like to work out or play sports and stay physically fit. It has a zippered main compartment for maximum security, a zippered front pocket, two side pockets, and a side holder. The bag straps are detachable and adjustable for maximum comfort and convenience. We offer three decoration options depending on your preference – a screen print option, embroidery, or full color print.

The price ranges from $34.98 to $47.07 per bag depending on the number of items ordered and the method of decoration chosen. The minimum order quantity is only 12 bags and the product is available in the color black. 

6. Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones

Custom Skullcandy Headphones

While these may not be appropriate for the office, they can be fun, useful, and enjoyable at home or on the go. The Skullcandy Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones are wireless bluetooth headphones that enable high-quality Supreme Sound streaming for up to 15-hours, without the inconvenience of dealing with headphone cords. These headphones also have a built-in microphone and remote, enabling calling, tracking and volume control.

We add a customized pad print on one side of the headphones. The price ranges from $111.99 to $114.99 depending on the quantity ordered, with a minimum order quantity of 24 units. The headphones come in the color silver and have a standard production time of approximately 10 business days. 

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