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Your Guide to Fitness & Sports Promotional Items

Workout your brand and swell your gym membership ranks (and retention) with smart gym giveaways and fitness promotional products.

Everything You Need to Take Your Gym Giveaways to the Next Level

The new year is the perfect time for fitness industry professionals to up their game if there ever was one. For example, a recent survey found that 65% of Americans put exercising more at the top of their list of resolutions, and this means that there is a huge influx of people actively looking for the best gym to hit. So, basically, the point here is that you want to be sure not to miss this opportunity to get the name of your fitness studio on their lips, and there is no better way to get people talking than with branded gym giveaways.

After all, promotional product advertising is the best way to make an impact in 2020, beating out all other forms of advertising, including digital media, in terms of affordability and effectiveness. This explains why fitness promotional items are such a must in terms of getting your name out there and building the type of brand loyalty that will last.

That said, when it comes to really nailing the best the type of promotional gym products that will really make it count, it is all about nailing down the optimal combination of quality, utility and attractiveness. After all, these are the three big variables that factor in the most when it comes to zeroing on the type of branded merchandise that people really want to receive, and fitness promotional items are no exception.

The good news is that when it comes to ensuring that your next gym giveaway is a roaring success, we have done the groundwork for you by coming up with a list of 12 promotional gym products that hit all the bases to kick-start your New Year off on the right foot. 

Fitness Promotional Products

12 Top Promotional Gym Products to Start the New Year Off Right

Looking for where to start when it comes to fitness promotional items wins for the New Year? Look no further. 

1. The Light Up Mobile Phone Armband

This one-size-fits-all armband takes this must-have fitness promotional items staples to a whole new level.

Nobody has to worry about sweating it out with this sleek, water-resistant design that is versatile enough to adapt to most smartphone screens and features a built-in key holder and earbud slots to keep everything you need organized while you work out. Even better, it lights up in the dark for safe early morning or nighttime jogging.

Take note that for those looking for a great gift on the fly, rush delivery options are available on this one when you order quantities of 250 or more, so no matter how you look at it, this product is a real winner. 

Promotional Universal Armband

2. The CamelBak Chute® 25oz Mag

For years, CamelBak has been a leader in delivering the type of cutting edge sports hydration products that are just as durable as they are practical, and the Camelbak Chute water bottle is no exception.

Made from Camelbak’s trademarked innovative BPA-free Tritan plastic, the versatile sports bottle is odor, stain and shatter-resistant, which means that you can count on your stunning precision screen printed or high-quality full color branded logo design standing the test of time over an eye-catching background of five clear-color picks.

Built with the needs of real athletes in mind, it delivers a high-velocity spill-proof flow while a two-finger carry magnetic handle keeps the lid safely stowed out of the way when in use, deliver the efficient dose of hydration that people really need when they are working out. 

Custom CamelBak Water Bottles

3. Turkish Signature Colored Sport Towels

Available in both large and medium-size options, these ultra-soft 100% brightly-colored cotton promotional products gym towels are the perfect way to ensure that your gorgeous embroidered logo-design really makes an impact in 2020 and beyond.

Even better, you only have to order 72 items to qualify, so don’t miss out on this affordably-priced opportunity to really make a splash heading into the new year. 

Custom Turkish Towels

4. High Sierra® Garrett Sport Duffel Bag

When it comes to fitness and outdoor apparel, High Sierra has earned a reputation for going above and beyond in terms of quality, and as such your clients and employees aren’t likely to forget the gesture any time soon when you gift them this 22-inch ultra-light easy-open duffel.

Equipped with everything from a hand top-loading end compartment, an aerated side pocket to separate and dry out damp gear, a comfortable padded shoulder strap, a front-accessory pocket, a mesh water bottle holder and monster hook and shock cord to easily tote along added extras, these are no average run of the mill promotional products gym bags.

Featuring a classy black and white color motif with your choice of screen printed, full-color or embroidered logo mounted front and center, this is the type of gift that is bound to become indispensable to whoever is lucky enough to receive it, and that means years high-quality exposure. 

Custom Gym Duffel Bags

5. The Everlast Yoga Mat with Sports Sling

This indispensable elegant black 68″ x 24″ inch yoga mat features a non-slip, traction controlled design that is perfect for use on almost any kind of surface.

For those who want to take their yoga and exercise routine on the go, whether it be to the office, to the gym or on vacation, it also features a high-quality trendy sports sling that will let your choice of precision screen printed or full color branded logo design take center stage. 

Custom Yoga Mat Bags

6. The Soothe-It™ Ice/Heat Pack

Looking for the type of affordable gym giveaways that every fitness junkie is bound to appreciate?

Whether soothing sore muscles or just relaxing and cooling down after a long workout, this super handy portable and highly pack doubles as a heating pack and chilling pad all in one.

An array of you choice six flashy color bead picks are the perfect way to highlight your branded logo design front and center on this creative giveaway pick. 

Custom Ice and heat Packs

7. Denon Wireless AH-C160W Sport Headphones

Developed with the help of the world’s leading hearing aid specialists, these mobile Earhook headphones are designed to stay in place even during the most intense workouts.

The cutting-edge technology behind these top-class promotional gym products mobilizes high-quality 11.5 mm drivers with digital signal processing Bluetooth Class 1 connectivity combined with Clear Voice Capture noise reduction and microphone sweat and moisture protection to ensure seamless uninterrupted sound quality and optimal comfort all-in-one.

The package comes complete with four soft eartip size options and a sleek portable clip-on carrying case emblazoned with your stunning screen printed logo design. 

Custom Earbuds for the Gym

8. The RPET Eco Fitness Towel

Looking for the type of promotional gym products that will make an impact in all the right ways? This ultra-durable Ecosmart promotional products gym towel is not only made from 100% recycled material, but 1% of all proceeds will be donated to not-for-profit eco-friendly organizations.

Even better, recent studies by the Advertising Speciality Institute have found that people are 42% more likely to leave a positive impression, so they really are a win-win for everybody. Talk about the type of environmentally friendly gift that keeps on giving!

Custom Eco-Friendly Fitness Towel

9. The Balance Active Cotton Tote

Looking for an affordably priced fitness promotional items that are as versatile as they are practical? The Balance Active Cotton Tote makes for the perfect lightweight carry all gym accessory bag that your clients will be proud to show off.

As easy on the eyes as it is convenient, this high-quality cotton tote is lined with high-grade polyester handles for added durability, and stand-out open front-pocket design feature is perfect for toting towels, yoga mats or other large size accessories.

This two-toned tote comes in your choice of two trendy and understated color palettes to perfectly offset your eye-catching screen printed, embroidered or heat-transferred logo design.

Custom Yoga Cotton tote and Mat Holder

10. The 15 Oz. Energy Sports Bottle With Phone Holder

In today’s fast paced-world, multi-use items allow people to do more with less, and that’s why multi-versatile items tech-friendly items like the Energy Sports Bottle and Phone Holder Combo are bound to be a surefire hit.

Featuring a wide-mouth BPA free spill-resistant bottle with a screw-on bottom that doubles both as matching accent towel holder and phone carrier all-in-one, these types of ultra-versatile gym giveaways are an easy win. With six head-turning accent color choices to pick from, this is the type of future-adaptive promotional gym products that everybody wants to get their hands on in 2020. 

Custom Water Bottle and Towel Combo

12. The Royal Fleet Smart Fitness Tracker

These cutting-edge integrated smart fitness trackers are the type of future-forward fitness promotional items that everybody will want to get their hands on in 2020.

This convenient Bluetooth integrated ultra-lightweight wristband features smartphone sync technology that can automatically receive everything from text messages, calls, Twitter, Facebook, and Skype alerts even with a smartphone safely tucked away. Meanwhile, it also boasts a full suite of vital fitness measuring technology including a built-in heart rate monitor, blood pressure monitor, step and calorie counter all-in-one. Even better, it 100 percent waterproof, which means it is perfect for any activity from pumping iron, to yoga to swimming.

Essentially, tech swag is in and is only likely to get more and more popular in the years to come, so for those looking for the type of thoughtful promotional gym products that are going to stand out from the crowd and stand the test of time, this is the perfect pick. 

Custom Fitness Trackers

To Sum It Up

If you are looking for the best way to cash in on the post-New Years influx, these cutting edge promotional gym products are the way to do it.

Even better, when you order with us, we are committed to making the entire process a breeze. Our intuitive online tools make it easy to create the type of personalized fitness promotional items that will stand out from the crowd, and whether you are looking for a one-of-a-kind logo design or the innovative custom products, our top-notch design team is ready to make your concept a reality.

So if you are ready to make a splash with your branded gym giveaways, we are here to make it happen. Come check us out today to find out more!

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