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ByLeo Victor

Custom Hats With Logos That Make Your Brand Top-of-Mind

Custom logo hats are great stylish accessories that can also help you showcase your unique brand identity. These popular pieces of promotional apparel are a simple way to flaunt your brand logo prominently and capture people’s attention.

Hats are also very budget-friendly compared to other types of custom apparel.

If you wish to boost your brand visibility and attract new audiences, you must add promotional hats to your product inventory.

This article dives deep into why branded hats are excellent promotional items and work uniform add-ons. We also discuss six simple ways you can use hats in your branding and marketing strategy.

6 Reasons to Use Custom Logo Hats

Here are six reasons to get custom headwear for your business:

1. Generates Impressions

People wear hats, beanies, and caps in public places. These fashion accessories are great ways to protect oneself from the sun, bundle up in the winter, or simply bump up an outfit’s style quotient with a fun accessory.

When people wear your brand’s custom hats with my logo outdoors, they will draw many eyeballs to your brand. This delivers plenty of impressions and boosts your marketing efforts.

A study by Advertising Specialty Institute (ASI) says that more than 50% of consumers usually give promotional products to someone else. This creates a never-ending chain of impressions over months and years, allowing more people to learn about your brand. This, in turn, will help you grow your business and take it to the next level.

2. Makes Your Brand Memorable

It is crucial not only to create brand impressions but also to ensure strong brand recall. The above-mentioned study by ASI says that 85% of global consumers recall advertisers that gave them branded apparel. So, promotional products like hats and caps are a great way to enhance you advertising strategies and branding efforts.

Hats increase the likelihood of consumers supporting your company and will help you widen your business reach.

3. Tells Your Brand Story

A recent study by Zeno showed that customers are four times more likely to buy from companies with a strong purpose. Branded hats are a fantastic marketing medium to call customers’ attention to your values and mission.

Ensure that your custom logo hats highlight your company’s vision and values and tell its story clearly and concisely. This will boost your brand’s image, spread its message, and connect with customers who share your values.

4. Motivates and Engages Your Team

In a study by the Society for Human Resource Management, 79% of employees reported that recognition boosts motivation at work. Meanwhile, 78% said that recognition increases productivity. Custom-branded headwear is a great way to recognize your team’s hard work and motivate them to perform at their best.

Wearing uniforms also creates a sense of belonging in employees and makes them feel like they are part of a connected team. This increases their productivity and job satisfaction, which in turn improves your company’s performance and success.

Branded hats are simple, minimal pieces of work gear that will help you leverage the benefits of professional uniforms.

5. Lasts Long

Promotional hats and beanies are premium promotional items that last for years. So, whether you’re handing them out to your customers as a high-on-style marketing tool or to your employees to motivate them, you can be sure of their longevity.

Printing your brand logo on hats helps you continuously increase your audience reach and achieve excellent brand exposure. You can grow your business round-the-clock with little to no effort beyond the initial distribution.

6. Provides a High Return on Investment (ROI)

ASI’s study also said that promotional products have a lower cost per impression (CPI) than almost all other advertising mediums. So, if you use promotional items like custom hats, you’ll pay a low price but enjoy impressive benefits.

Custom hats are an excellent choice for small businesses that lack big advertising budgets, as they offer a high ROI. They are an effective and affordable way to spread the word about a brand and expand its market share.

6 Simple Ways to Incorporate Custom Logo Hats Into Your Marketing Strategy

Here are six tips to add custom hats to your branding strategy and use them as a gateway to business success:

1. Outfit Your Employees

Outfitting your employees in custom uniforms is a simple yet powerful way to develop your brand image. According to research, 65% of American consumers say that uniformed employees improve their perception of a company in terms of its image, safety protocols, customer service, and care for its employees.

It makes them more likely to do business with a company, thereby increasing its sales and profitability.

But you don’t need to design and create expensive uniforms for your staff to harness these benefits! Branded hats can outfit your employees without incurring high costs and improve customers’ perception of your company.

Moreover, hats are cool accessories. So, when your staff wears them outside your office or store with casual or outdoor wear, they will make thousands of impressions and promote your brand constantly.

2. Hand Out Free Gifts to Your Customers

Gifting custom logo hats to your customers creates better connections and helps cement your relationship with them.

There is research to back up this fact. A Merkle study reported that 61% of customers felt that gifts are an important way for brands to engage with them. So, if you want customers to favor your business and build lasting relationships, start giving them promotional gifts like branded headwear.

3. Distribute Custom Hats at Events

Hand out custom logo hats and caps to visitors at local community gatherings, like charity events, galas, social movements, and sports matches in your area.

Distribute branded headwear to the event’s participants, organizers, and volunteers. Printing hats and caps with the event’s name on the front and your brand logo on the back or sides will attract goodwill while promoting your brand.

When choosing an event to sponsor or participate in, check if its nature is in line with your brand values and image. This will help you promote your brand to your target audience and ensure maximum ROI.

4. Host Social Media Giveaways

Social media giveaway contests are a fun way to engage with your followers and boost brand awareness, loyalty, business reach, and sales. Promotional hats and caps are a cool idea to incorporate into your giveaways. They are stylish, functional, and low-cost, and can be cool prizes that people will love to win.

Factor in your brand’s marketing goals and create a giveaway contest to help you achieve them. You can give customized hats as prizes to a tier of winners or as mementos to others who participated.

5. Send Custom Hats to Influencers

Collaborating with social media influencers and content creators is another fantastic way to leverage the power of social media. You can send custom headwear to them and ask them to post photos or videos of them wearing it or give your brand a shout-out. This will promote your brand among their fans and followers and increase awareness.

But don’t simply go with a big name that has a huge number of followers. Find the right influencer who caters to your product segment and is compatible with your brand image. This will ensure better engagement and compatibility with your content and offerings.

6. Participate in Trade Shows

Distributing custom hats and beanies to potential business partners and customers at trade expos is an effective way to get your brand name out there. You can easily spread the word about your brand, products, and services to promising leads and encourage them to continue the business relationship beyond the fair.

Best 6 Custom Logo Hats

Here are the top six custom hats that display your brand’s messaging in style and keep your business top-of-mind:

1. Richardson Trucker Snapback Cap

This cap is not only for truckers but anyone who loves to combine function with style. It features a polyester and cotton blend with a 100% polyester mesh back and is available in a range of attractive colors. Its pre-curved visor and snapback closure add to its functionality and style—your customers will want to wear it all the time.

Print your brand logo on this cap and show off your brand image and personality to the world.

Custom Richardson Hat Snapback

2. New Era® Colorblock Cuffed Beanie

When winter comes, your customers will need a cozy and comfortable beanie to keep their heads and ears covered. This stylish solid acrylic beanie with a plush polyester fleece lining, a thicker-gauge cuff, and a dual-colored pom is a great gifting idea for your customers.

It is a very fashionable accessory that provides much-needed warmth throughout the cold winter months. The beanie comes in many colors and will feature your brand logo on the cuff in the front. It fits most head sizes, so you can order it in bulk and distribute them to your customers right away.

3. Bio-Washed Chino Twill Bucket Cap

Summers call for a cool bucket cap that protects one’s head against the harsh sun. This bio-washed bucket cap is an excellent accessory to give your customers and employees. They will love its premium look and feel, plus the fun and functional mix of features.

Made of high-quality chino twill, its crown and sewn eyelets make it a high-performance accessory. It will feature your logo on the front and is available in many stunning colors. Order it in bulk for lower prices.

Custom Hat

4. The North Face Eco Mountain Beanie Cap

Make your brand more memorable by distributing promotional hats featuring your company logo. This high-quality eco-friendly beanie cap is a fantastic branding tool that will strengthen brand recall. It will feature your logo on the front, making it a great option for handing out at community events.

The beanie cap is crafted from recycled polyester, so you can help minimize landfill waste and the wanton use of virgin materials. It easily withstands snow and is comfortable. Its recycled polyester fleece construction creates a soft, warm, and cozy inner layer. It is also available in a range of charming colors.

5. Nike Dri-FIT Mesh Back Cap

This custom logo baseball cap is a high-performance piece of headwear crafted from nylon, cotton, and spandex. Its sleek and structured medium profile, mesh back, snug fit, and flexible sweatband are high on practicality and durability without sacrificing style. The contrasting under-bill reduces glare from the sun and adds to your comfort.

It comes in seven beautiful colors that your employees and customers will surely love to wear. It also has the iconic Nike Swoosh logo on the center back and bill and will flaunt your brand imprint on the front. This will boost your marketing initiatives and help your brand get noticed everywhere your customers and staff go.

Custom Nike Mesh Hat

6. Carhartt Watch Cap 2.0

Make your brand stand out with this custom logo beanie cap that comes in a range of elegant, eye-catching colors. This timeless and sophisticated acrylic headwear is plush and soft to the touch. It also has a highly stretchable rib knit that delivers a stay-put fit and superior comfort.

It has the Carhartt label on the left panel, and your logo will be printed on the front panel. This strengthens your sales and marketing campaigns and is a simple yet effective way to promote your business. Order it in bulk and hand it out in the office or at promotional events.


Custom logo hats are fashionable and practical pieces of promotional apparel that will keep your brand top of mind. They strengthen your branding strategy and help boost brand visibility, business reach, customer engagement, and loyalty.

Pick a hat style and color that suit your brand image, personality, and values. Embroider it with your brand logo, and enjoy a high ROI.

If you’re ready to order custom hats in bulk, we at iPromo have an impressive array of custom hats and caps that suit your business needs. Whether you need hats for giveaways or office use, explore our vast catalog for many options. Our team will help you find the perfect custom headwear or get started with a design proof. Contact us today!